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1. DCI Mike Jar­dine and DS Jackie Reed moved to cen­tre stage in which Bri­tish TV po­lice drama af­ter the death of the main character? (7) 4. Ro­man em­peror Tiberius lived on which small is­land south of Naples? (5) 7. What com­pound with high ni­tro­gen con­tent is used in fer­tilis­ers? (4) 8. Which Bri­tish light­weight tank orig­i­nally had a Jaguar 4.2-litre en­gine? (8) 10. Which singer-ac­tor turned down the role of Columbo be­cause it might have in­ter­fered with his golf sched­ule? (4,6) 12. What does a quiver hold? (6) 13. What stalk is chopped up for a Wal­dorf salad? (6) 15. In an­cient times, what was an open-air course for horse and char­iot races? (10) 18. What is a se­vere snow­storm with high winds? (8) 19. Who is killed in the crime of regi­cide? (4) 20. What fra­grant oil is made from rose petals? (5) 21. In Ger­many, what eaten thing is a wurst? (7)


1. What does a clar­inet player sup­port the in­stru­ment on? (5) 2. Which paint­ing (“The ____”) by Jean-Fran­cois Mil­let, shows women gath­er­ing left­over grain af­ter a har­vest? (8) 3. Singer Linda Ron­stadt was born in which city in Ari­zona? (6) 4. What small things, once used to weigh di­a­monds, led to the word carat? (5,5) 5. Who il­lus­trated many of Dick­ens’s works, in­clud­ing Pick­wick Pa­pers and Bleak House? (4) 6. Who had a hit with his song “Hit me with your rhythm stick”? (3,4) 9. Who (Al­bert ____) was awarded the No­bel Peace Prize in 1952? (10) 11. What hard grains left af­ter the milling of flour are used in pud­dings? (8) 12. In which branch of maths are let­ters used to rep­re­sent num­bers in for­mu­lae and equa­tions? (7) 14. What are the re­pro­duc­tive bod­ies of ferns? (6) 16. A grif­fin has the head of a what? (5) 17. What is a place where money is coined? (4)

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