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Across 1 What did Mark Twain de­scribe as “a cab­bage with a col­lege ed­u­ca­tion”? (11)

8 What Ir­ish or Scot­tish so­cial event has singing, tra­di­tional danc­ing, and sto­ry­telling? (7)

9 Which city is known as Venice of the Per­sian Gulf? (5)

10 What item of fur­ni­ture is an es­critoire? (4) 11 Which early 60s TV series in­tro­duced Clint East­wood? (7)

12 What word can fol­low pack, co­conut and dry? (3) 13 What mark is left from a healed wound? (4) 15 What kiln dries hops? (4)

17 What is leather made from a young goat’s skin? (3)

19 Who (Boris ____) be­came the first pop­u­larly elected Pres­i­dent of Rus­sia, in 1991? (7)

20 What is dried to make a prune? (4)

23 Saint Guy of An­der­lecht is the pa­tron saint of an­i­mals with what fea­ture? (5)

24 What striped twill-weave cot­ton fab­ric, once pop­u­lar for chil­dren’s sailor suits, was named af­ter an 1860s war­ship? (7)

25 Which English royal dy­nasty held the throne from Henry II in 1154 un­til Richard III’s death in 1485? (11) Down 1 Which in­sect is the world’s loud­est? (6)

2 What are sub­di­vi­sions of larger mil­i­tary group­ings? (5)

3 Who is the Greek god­dess of the rain­bow? (4) 4 Where was the Univer­sity of the Pun­jab es­tab­lished in 1882? (6)

5 Which English pot­tery is renowned for clas­si­cal dec­o­ra­tion in white on a usu­ally blue ground? (8) 6 Myx­o­mato­sis is a highly in­fec­tious and usu­ally fa­tal vi­ral dis­ease of what? (7)

7 Which for­mer Bri­tish gold coin had a value of 21 shillings? (6)

12 What sur­rounds the Isle of Man? (5,3)

14 What spiked metal de­vice is thrown on the ground to punc­ture tyres? (7)

16 What large snake kills its prey by squeez­ing? (6) 17 Which chess piece is usu­ally shaped like a horse’s head? (6)

18 Which mark of two lit­tle dots is used over a vowel, es­pe­cially in Ger­man? (6)

21 What was the lan­guage of an­cient Rome and its em­pire? (5)

22 What is a piece of chew­ing tobacco cut from a larger cake? (4)

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