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Across 7 Which moun­tain in Antarc­tica was the scene of a tragic air dis­as­ter in 1979? (6)

8 What colour is worn by a mourning widow in Thai­land? (6)

10 What was John Len­non’s mid­dle name? (7) 11 What may­on­naise is flavoured with gar­lic? (5) 12 Which city is the chief re­sort of the French Riviera? (4)

13 What far-off thing did Clyde Tom­baugh dis­cover in 1930? (5)

17 Which Bri­tish car mar­que pro­duced an Elf model from 1961-1969? (5)

18 What is a low dam built across a stream to raise its level or di­vert its flow? (4)

22 What is added to whisky to make the cock­tail High­land milk­maid? (5)

23 What is a nar­row strip of land con­nect­ing two larger land ar­eas? (7)

24 What part of the eye acts like film in a cam­era? (6)

25 What is easyJet airline’s cor­po­rate colour? (6) Down 1 The dish boeuf bour­guignon is beef stewed in what? (3,4)

2 Orig­i­nally used in the south­ern US, what word is ap­plied to a big­oted, right-wing con­ser­va­tive? (7) 3 What is the cap­i­tal of Ecuador? (5)

4 Which Ital­ian-made car won the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1937 and 1939? (7)

5 What is a win­der around which thread, film etc can be wound? (5)

6 The DNA mol­e­cule is struc­tured as a dou­ble what? (5)

9 What type of med­i­ca­tion re­duces or elim­i­nates pain? (9)

14 What is the hard­est known min­eral? (7)

15 The Bun­destag is the na­tional par­lia­ment of which coun­try? (7)

16 What flat or­na­ments are at­tached to the har­nesses of draught horses? (7)

19 What is the fruit of an oak tree? (5)

20 Which English poet wrote “Ode to a Nightin­gale”? (5)

21 “Any­one who ever held you ...” be­gins which hit song by Sim­ply Red? (5)

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