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Across 1 How many Grands Prix did Alain Prost win? (5-3) 7 Who (Baroness Em­musca __) wrote the novel The Scar­let Pim­per­nel? (5) 8 In 1988, who was awarded the Olympic gold medal for 100-me­tre run af­ter Ben John­son was dis­qual­i­fied? (4,5) 9 What wood is of­ten used for hockey sticks? (3) 10 What word can pre­cede chains, goose and blind? (4) 11 What silky case is spun by an in­sect larva? (6) 13 Who was the be­spec­ta­cled ge­nius in TV’s Thun­der­birds? (6) 14 Who is the grubby, dust- sur­rounded char­ac­ter in the Peanuts comic strips? (6) 17/18 What in­sec­ti­cide pow­der con­tains rotenone, a nat­u­ral poi­son? (6,4) 20 Is­raeli Uziel Gal in­vented which sub-ma­chine gun? (3) 22/23 Which Bri­tish weapons fac­tory op­er­ated from 1772 un­til 2005? (9,5) 24 A dot over or un­der a note on mu­sic de­notes what? (8)

Down 1 Who (Sir Vi­vian __) led an over­land Antarc­tic cross­ing? (5) 2 What was Tai­wan for­merly called? (7) 3 Which univer­sity did dic­tio­nary com­piler Noah Web­ster at­tend? (4) 4 Who (Sir Isaac __) is noted par­tic­u­larly for his law of grav­i­ta­tion? (6) 5 What word is de­rived from a Greek word mean­ing “great stream en­cir­cling the earth’s disc”? (5) 6 What trop­i­cal storm oc­curs in the Indian and western Pa­cific oceans? (7) 7 By what method does water move be­tween plant cells? (8) 12 What de­scribes a small group of peo­ple con­sid­ered par­tic­u­larly fash­ion­able or pop­u­lar? (2-5) 13 What is a gift left by will? (7) 15 Which for­mer king­dom be­came the cen­tre of Bis­marck’s new Ger­man Em­pire? (7) 16 What small T-shaped tool bores holes? (6) 17 Which city south of Paris is fa­mous for its mus­tard? (5) 19 Which ball­room dance came from Ar­gentina? (5) 21 Zn is the sym­bol for which metal? (4)

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