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Unusual or out-of-the-or­di­nary events this week will keep you on your toes, es­pe­cially re­gard­ing a travel itin­er­ary, study or ed­u­ca­tion. You’ll get the op­por­tu­nity to re­search your ideas and opin­ions and th­ese will take you to in­ter­est­ing places; help you to make long-term plans and take de­ci­sive ac­tion. You should also find that re­la­tion­ships be­gin to flow more smoothly.


Some­times, the trust we must dis­play, ei­ther in our own abil­i­ties, or in those of others, must be up­held, es­pe­cially if the path is un­clear. This week, luck­ily, you’ll gain clar­ity about de­ci­sions, es­pe­cially those to do with your home and/or your big­ger-picture prospects, and you’ll see that where you’ve made de­ci­sions in the dark, there has al­ways been a light at the end of the tun­nel.


Where a de­ci­sion or sim­ply a dif­fi­cult chal­lenge weighs heav­ily on your mind, this week’s events should pro­vide you with ad­e­quate time and space to truly re­flect on where you’d like to see your life go, es­pe­cially re­gard­ing re­la­tion­ships and/or a part­ner­ship, busi­ness or per­sonal. Mid­week, you may re­ceive en­cour­ag­ing news that will en­able you to take pos­i­tive steps for­ward.


Venus in your sign is in­creas­ingly pro­vid­ing you with a sense of progress where your long-term plans for change are con­cerned, es­pe­cially those re­lat­ing to travel, study, le­gal and spir­i­tual mat­ters. In the lead-up to next week’s New Moon, your plans can gain even more ground. You may ex­pe­ri­ence a pleas­ant sur­prise such as an im­promptu re­union or a debt that is re­paid.


You’ll ap­pre­ci­ate the chance to show just how much re­spon­si­bil­ity you can take on your shoul­ders, and just how much you are sup­port­ive of others. A work or do­mes­tic mat­ter will merit care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion, but you may also be pleased to see that you have sup­port in sur­pris­ing cir­cles your­self. Work dili­gently with like-minded peo­ple and col­lab­o­ra­tors, and you could ex­cel.


Next week’s New Moon will re­fresh your re­la­tion­ships, es­pe­cially those at work so, if you feel there have been el­e­ments in your life that you’d like to im­prove, rest as­sured you can. News dur­ing the week could sig­nal new op­por­tu­ni­ties or the chance to al­ter your daily sched­ule, which should be en­er­gis­ing. A key work or health de­ci­sion may add a new feather to your cap.


You’ll grad­u­ally re­gain your light-heart­ed­ness and adapt­able na­ture as the days go by, which you’ll en­joy. You’ll ap­pre­ci­ate the chance to flap your wings a lit­tle over the week­end and mid­week, and to try some­thing new. A plan to go over­seas; to study, to teach or sim­ply to en­joy an ad­ven­ture will come to­gether in more con­crete terms, even as a com­mit­ment is made.


Jupiter is be­gin­ning to in­fuse your life with the abun­dance and luck that it’s known for. If you’ve felt a lit­tle lack-lus­tre, rest as­sured you’ll soon ex­pe­ri­ence a break­through in an area that may sur­prise you, and for that rea­son you'll ap­pre­ci­ate this break­through all the more. Make de­ci­sions op­ti­misti­cally, es­pe­cially those re­gard­ing le­gal, ed­u­ca­tional, travel and re­la­tion­ship mat­ters.


You’ll grad­u­ally gain clar­ity this week about an im­por­tant de­ci­sion. It’s im­por­tant to go with your im­pres­sions and in­tu­ition this week, even if you feel you are mak­ing judge­ment calls in the dark. Rest as­sured this week­end, if not mid­week, you’ll ob­tain the facts you’re look­ing for and will be clearer about how you can kick-start key ar­eas in your life by mak­ing valid de­ci­sions.


Next week’s New Moon will be in your sign, and will help to clear the air of past wor­ries. In the run-up, dur­ing the week, you’ll ap­pre­ci­ate the chance to sift through old mem­o­ries and to let nos­tal­gia hold sway. You may even hear from some­one un­ex­pect­edly from your past, or re­visit a pre­vi­ous cir­cum­stance. Devel­op­ments mid­week could be ideal and sig­nal a new start.


A re­vi­tal­is­ing change of rou­tine this week­end will cer­tainly prove to be en­er­gis­ing and could also in­fuse close re­la­tion­ships with a lit­tle more va­ri­ety and spice. Next week's New Moon will of­fer the chance to breathe fresh air into your com­mu­nal liv­ing and work spa­ces, so take the time now to con­sider how you might feel more nur­tured and/or sup­ported in th­ese ar­eas of your life.


You’re all set to be­gin a fresh chap­ter at home, re­gard­ing fam­ily or your gen­eral sta­tus. One or all th­ese three ar­eas may fig­ure in a de­ci­sion or key cir­cum­stance you must ne­go­ti­ate this week. Luck­ily, you’ll get the space to con­sider care­fully how you’d like to see your projects and ideas grow. Mid­week, news or events will pro­vide sup­port­ive val­i­da­tion that you’re on the right path.

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