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Across 1 Which English cab­i­net­maker and de­signer (Thomas __) is fa­mous for his fur­ni­ture of the 1750s and 1760s? (11)

8 What is an in­for­mal name for the Devil? (3,4) 9/10 Which mid-1950s US ac­tor un­know­ingly ate his pet goat, killed by his un­cle? (5,4)

11 Un­der what brand name is most parac­eta­mol sold in the US? (7)

12 Which ex­tinct bird was Di­nor­nis max­imus? (3) 13 The city of Jakarta is on which is­land? (4) 15 What kiln is used for dry­ing hops? (4)

17 “A __ in the house is worth two in the street.” (Mae West) (3)

19 Florence is the cap­i­tal of which re­gion in Italy? (7) 20 What is a filled tor­tilla folded into a roll? (4) 23 Earl Scruggs was de­scribed as the Pa­ganini of the what? (5)

24 Which sub­ma­rine-launched, nu­clear-tipped bal­lis­tic mis­sile was nu­mer­ous dur­ing the Cold War? (7)

25 Which tree-dwelling duo, first seen in 1943, be­came a main­stay of Dis­ney shorts of the late 1940s and 1950s? (4,3,4) Down 1 What are groups of notes sounded to­gether in har­mony? (6)

2 Huge prob­lems arose when Bri­tish Tele­com moved its di­rec­tory en­quiry ser­vice to where? (5) 3 What does an al­go­phobe fear? (4)

4 What name is shared by a Soviet pre­mier and a 1985 El­ton John hit? (6)

5 Which singer starred in the first “talkie” film? (2,6) 6 Who (Noel __) had a House Party on TV? (7) 7 What pad was worn un­der a skirt to puff it out be­hind? (6)

12 What pasta is in the shape of slen­der tubes? (8) 14 Which chem­i­cal el­e­ment has the sym­bol As? (7) 16 Which great anatomist, painter and en­graver (George ___) pub­lished Anatomy of the Horse in 1766? (6)

17 What is the tech­ni­cal name for short­sight­ed­ness? (6)

18 What aerosol foam is used in hair styling? (6) 21 Which blood ves­sel is the body’s largest? (5) 22 Who (Mr __) was the po­lice­man in Enid Bly­ton’s Noddy books? (4)

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