Six rea­sons why you shouldn’t chuck the pasta water

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PASTA lovers who reg­u­larly cook the Ital­ian dish will be used to im­me­di­ately tipping the left­over water down the drain. But that’s ac­tu­ally a mis­take, as the starchy water can be put to good use. Here are six ways it can ben­e­fit your home.

1. Wa­ter­ing your plants and flow­ers

Water which pasta has been cooked in is full of starch, which is of­ten rich in min­er­als and vi­ta­mins. That con­tent makes it help­ful for grow­ing plants and flow­ers, so use it to water the gar­den. Just make sure you avoid wa­ter­ing plants with water that’s been salted, and let it cool be­fore you put it on any soil.

2. Mak­ing your own pesto sauce

Most peo­ple can’t dive into a bowl of pasta with­out a spoon­ful of pesto. The re­main­ing pasta water can help you make it — en­sure it’s kept warm and it’ll act as a bond­ing agent.

3. Mak­ing home­made pizza dough and bread

As the water re­tains some of the flavours and starch from the pasta, it’ll give your home­made pizza dough, or bread, a new and unique taste. Sim­i­larly, use it to make broths or soups and you’ll get an ex­tra flavour punch. It’s good for boil­ing veg­eta­bles in too.

4. Wash­ing your dirty dishes

You might think us­ing pasta water to wash dishes would leave them filmy, but the starch ac­tu­ally dis­solves grime and acts as a nat­u­ral clean­ing agent. All you need to do is leave dishes soak­ing in it for a bit first.

5. Soak­ing your sore feet

If you have sore feet at the end of a long hard day then this novel treat­ment might just be the one for you. All you have to do is warm up your spaghetti water to a com­fort­able tem­per­a­ture and pop your feet in. The heat com­bined with the min­er­als will soothe aches and pains.

6. As a re­place­ment for sham­poo

If your hair lacks shine or looks flat then soak­ing it in the water for 10 min­utes could help. Af­ter that sham­poo as nor­mal and you’ll be amazed at the gleam you get. This isn’t the only cook­ing tip to sweep the web in re­cent months. Chef Fabio Vi­viani re­cently urged peo­ple to stop put­ting oil in their boil­ing water when mak­ing pasta.

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