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THE is­lands fished well for reef fish on the week­end, with good num­bers of trout, sweet­lip and red throat caught.

Most fish seemed to be caught off the fring­ing reefs and iso­lated rocks.

A few mack­erel were caught but aren’t re­ally feed­ing hard yet. Hope­fully the build­ing tides dur­ing the week might trig­ger them to feed.

Fish­ing the deeper water is pro­duc­ing some qual­ity nan­ny­gai.

Larger tides will limit op­por­tu­ni­ties to fish deep, but the prom­ise of a pos­si­ble cap­ture of a snap­per over the next cou­ple of weeks might be enough en­cour­age­ment to get out there and give it a try.


THE dam was a lit­tle quiet this week and prob­a­bly won’t im­prove un­til later in the week lead­ing up to the moon.

Mark any schools of fish you find on the sounder and stick with them.

Per­sis­tence is the key here.

Even if the fish aren’t feed­ing, they can be pestered into a re­ac­tion bite by drop­ping plas­tics or vibes into the school.

Get­ting one fish to bite can ex­cite the rest of the school into feed­ing.

Rock walls

WITH re­ports of squid be­ing caught off the rock walls on the week­end, the fish­ing should im­prove.

Fish­ing live baits of squid, pike or her­ring should see a nice mix of mack­erel, queen­fish, salmon, grunter and fin­ger­mark.

Those who pre­fer to throw lures, cast­ing sur­face lures and metal spoons dur­ing the low light pe­ri­ods will en­tice the pelag­ics, while soft plas­tics and vibes dur­ing the day should pro­vide a tasty feed of grunter or fin­ger­mark.


QUITE a few barra were caught on the week­end, with most be­ing caught out of the gut­ters and shal­low rock bars on both plas­tics and shal­low div­ing hard bod­ies. Salmon and flat­head were a wel­come by-catch.

Peeled prawns, lightly weighted, fished with a light drag has re­sulted in some qual­ity grunter in the deeper holes around the bot­tom of the tide.

Crabs still seem to be around in good num­bers. Re­mem­ber to be mind­ful of pot place­ment due to the larger tides. — Ryan Fuller, Whit­sun­day Fish­ing World

Hy­de­away Bay/Dingo Beach

THIS week has been the week of the trout.

There have been some awe­some spec­i­mens com­ing in all the usual haunts from depths vary­ing from two to 40 me­tres.

The water has cleared con­sid­er­ably open­ing up some good pelagic fish­ing op­tions at the outer edges of the is­lands, with Span­ish mack­erel start­ing to move in and fire up.

The clearer water has al­lowed spearfish­er­men back into the game and there have been some good re­ports of painted cray­fish and co­ral trout be­ing brought home for dinner.

The whiting and flat­head are be­ing caught in good num­bers off the beaches, most of the whiting caught lately have been on small fresh baits.

Peeled prawns and squid ten­ta­cles are prov­ing pretty re­li­able.

— Mick Un­der­wood, Reel

Ad­dic­tion Sport Fish­ing


NICE FISH: Reef Un­der­wood with Max and Sam McNally and a huge co­ral trout caught with Reel Ad­dic­tion Sport Fish­ing.

Monique de Clerk with her first gi­ant trevally caught and re­leased at the reef with Sea Fever Sport­fish­ing.


Ti­han Bekker with a co­ral trout caught with Reel Ad­dic­tion Sport Fish­ing.

Stephen Git­sham with a co­ral trout caught with Reel Ad­dic­tion Sport Fish­ing. :


Pi­eter de Klerk holds a 25kg speed­ster of a Span­ish mack­erel caught with Sea Fever Sport­fish­ing.

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