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1. What early ar­chi­tec­tural style is char­ac­terised by pointed arches and ribbed vaults? (6) 5. In 1947, which prov­ince was di­vided be­tween In­dia and Bangladesh? (6) 9. What is a hang­ing fold of skin un­der an an­i­mal’s throat? (6) 10. Who (Sir Isaac __) in­vented a sys­tem of pho­netic short­hand? (6) 11. The young of a sheep (4) 12. Who was Bri­tain’s long­est-reign­ing monarch? (8) 14. What metal pin fas­tens two parts of a mech­a­nism? (6) 16. Which nov­el­ist-de­tec­tive (Paul __) was cre­ated by Fran­cis Dur­bridge? (6) 19. Which US crime writer’s first novel was Post­mortem? (Pa­tri­cia __) (8) 21/22. Whose brown suede jacket was bought by a Liver­pool mu­seum for £28,000? (4,6) 23. What Tues­day pre­cedes Ash Wed­nes­day? (6) 24. What was for­mer Ugan­dan president Milton Obote’s other first name? (6) 25. The statue on Lon­don’s Old Bai­ley holds a sword and what? (6)


2. What herb plant is sim­i­lar to mar­jo­ram? (7) 3. Oil from the liver of which fish is richer in vi­ta­mins A and D than cod-liver oil? (7) 4. Which for­mer Por­tuguese colony off the west­ern­most point of Africa be­came in­de­pen­dent in 1975? (4,5) 6. What is a for­mal or­der by a sov­er­eign or state? (5) 7. What is the name of the old blue Austin car in chil­dren’s books by Val Biro? (7) 8. What pes­ti­cide some­times used for treat­ing head lice is highly toxic to fish and bees? (7) 13. What sub­stances ac­cel­er­ate chem­i­cal re­ac­tions with­out them­selves be­ing af­fected? (9) 14. What is the spi­ral cav­ity of the in­ner ear? (7) 15. What is the cap­i­tal city of On­tario? (7) 17. Which is the largest of the Balearic Is­lands? (7) 18. Which city is at the mouth of the River Seine? (2,5) 20. What is a com­plete cir­cle in a fin­ger­print? (5)

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