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Across 1. Where is home town to TV’s Simp­son fam­ily? (11) 8. What are the tiny air sacs in the lungs in­volved in oxy­gen trans­fer? (7)

9. Which cap­i­tal city was for­merly called Hanyang? (5) 10/11. John Le Mesurier was best friend of which com­edy ac­tor un­til he had an af­fair with John’s wife? (4,7)

12. In In­dia, which pes­ti­cide re­duced malaria from 75 Mil­lion to fewer than 5 mil­lion cases in a decade? (1,1,1)

13. Some claim tooth­paste can cure what skin prob­lem? (4)

15. Which fa­mil­iar Welsh name was the ori­gin of the sur­name Price? (4)

17. What is a hole for thread in a nee­dle? (3) 19. Reyk­javík is the cap­i­tal city where? (7)

20. What is the only ma­jor river of Spain that flows into the Mediter­ranean? (4)

23. Which lieu­tenant was com­mu­ni­ca­tions of­fi­cer in the orig­i­nal Star Trek? (5)

24. What drink sa­chets orig­i­nated as a seller’s sam­ples? (3,4)

25. What coun­try is sur­rounded by Liberia and Guinea? (6,5) Down 1. What type of song was sung by work­ing sailors? (6) 2. Which bird is as­so­ci­ated with the Tower of Lon­don? (5)

3. Ne is the chem­i­cal sym­bol for what? (4)

4. What is the tail of a dart called? (6)

5. The ghost of Ham­let’s fa­ther ap­peared on the bat­tle­ments where? (8)

6. What is the sit­u­a­tion where two sup­pli­ers dom­i­nate a mar­ket? (7)

7. Who is the pa­tron saint of butch­ers and doc­tors? (2,4)

12. Which state is con­sid­ered to be the USA’s first? (8) 14. The words “or bearer” ap­pear on what com­mon doc­u­ments? (8)

16. What is a six­ti­eth of a de­gree of an­gu­lar mea­sure­ment? (6)

17. Who is in charge of the writ­ten con­tent of a mag­a­zine or news­pa­per? (6)

18. What light creamy dessert is typ­i­cally choco­late flavoured? (6)

21. Which Bri­tish comic (The __) fea­tures the Bash Street Kids? (5)

22. What flex­i­ble ar­mour con­sists of metal rings? (4)


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