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Across 1 David Bel­lamy gained fame as a what? (8) 7 Which Hawai­ian word is used for hello and good­bye? (5)

8 Which ship took the Pil­grim Fa­thers from Eng­land to Amer­ica in 1620? (9)

9 What crea­ture helps Santa Claus? (3)

10 In which Lon­don district is Ron­nie Scott’s fa­mous jazz club? (4)

11 Thrown into the sea, a kedge is a small what? (6) 13 Auberon Waugh dubbed which news­pa­per­man “The Dirty Dig­ger”? (6,7)

15 Marzi­pan is a lo­cal spe­cial­ity of which city, a ma­jor Baltic port? (6)

16 Iraq fired what type of mis­sile at Is­rael in 1991? (4)

18 What is polyvinyl ac­etate ab­bre­vi­ated to? (1,1,1) 20 De­scrib­ing ob­jects and or­na­ments of lit­tle value, what ex­pres­sion came from old French for “at ran­dom”? (4-1-4)

21 Who was Hopa­long Cas­sidy’s side­kick? (5) 22 Where was the Univer­sity of Cal­i­for­nia founded in 1868? (8) Down 1 What de­scribes films that fail mis­er­ably at the box of­fice? (5)

2 What type of busi­ness did Ben­jamin Pol­lock open in Lon­don in 1880? (3,4)

3 Which river is the world’s long­est? (4)

4 What 1829 in­ven­tion of French tai­lor Barthélemy Thi­mon­nier was so un­pop­u­lar that ev­ery one was smashed? (6,7)

5 Which male name is most used in ra­dio com­mu­ni­ca­tion? (5)

6 What sea crea­ture is also known as a slime eel? (7)

7 What weapon users were the orig­i­na­tors of the two-fin­ger of­fen­sive ges­ture? (7)

12 What de­scribes some­one, espe­cially a child, who sheds tears too read­ily? (7)

13 Which fic­tional gruff old bar­ris­ter drank at Pomeroy’s Wine Bar? (7)

14 “You hurt me and you made me cry” are words from which Neil Sedaka hit? (2,5)

15 What is a conif­er­ous tree of the genus Larix? (5) 17 What is the ter­ri­tory of a duke or duchess? (5) 19 What did the euro re­place in Ger­many? (4)

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