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5 Which well-dressed ele­phant ap­peared in books by Jean de Brun­hoff? (5) 8 Ger­man An­dreas Stihl in­vented the mod­ern what? (8) 9 Boise is the cap­i­tal of which US State? (5) 10 What sur­gi­cal tie stops bleed­ing? (8) 11 What bird of­ten fea­tures on church lecterns? (5) 14 What long white vest­ment is worn by priests? (3) 16 What short rail­way track is used for shunt­ing? (6) 17 Port Jack­son is the har­bour of which ma­jor city? (6) 18 What might a golf hole in one be called? (3) 20 Sir Cliff Richard was born in which coun­try? (5) 24 In cook­ing, what is “sprin­kled with bread­crumbs or grated cheese and browned”? (2,6) 25 What bird some­times nests on chim­neys in Europe? (5) 26 In which Ge­orge Eliot novel is the pro­tag­o­nist a car­pen­ter in Hays­lope? (4,4) 27 A net­ball team has how many play­ers? (5)


1 What white de­posit forms in a ket­tle? (5) 2 What de­scribes the dis­tance be­tween the rails of a rail­way track? (5) 3 What units of speed are used at sea? (5) 4/6 Which com­edy duo ap­peared in 106 films to­gether? (6,3,5) 7 In Greek mythol­ogy, who was in­vul­ner­a­ble ex­cept for his heel? (8) 12 What small por­trait photograph is faded out at the edges? (8) 13 What is del­i­cate or­na­men­tal work of twisted gold, sil­ver, or other wire? (8) 14 Which heavy Swedish stove heats con­tin­u­ously? (3) 15 A fa­tal dis­ease of cat­tle (1,1,1) 19 Which game fea­tures Colonel Mus­tard and Mrs White? (6) 21 Which brothers com­piled an an­thol­ogy of Ger­man fairy tales? (5) 22 What word can pre­cede wool, band and en­grav­ing? (5) 23 Aconcagua is the high­est peak in which moun­tain range? (5)

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