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It’s no sur­prise that scores of back­pack­ers de­scend on Air­lie Beach each week, drawn to the re­gion by the the stun­ning weather, sea­sonal work op­por­tu­ni­ties and the laid-back life­style. But who ex­actly are they and where do they come from?

This week we meet rov­ing law stu­dent Emily Climp­son who is learn­ing how to stretch her dol­lars fur­ther while en­joy­ing the Queens­land sun­shine.

How long have you been in Aus­tralia?

Over a year-and-a-half.

What is the best place to visit in Queens­land?

Noosa, is that in Queens­land?

What is your favourite place to hang out in Air­lie Beach?


What are your plans for the next year?

I am trav­el­ling with my boyfriend to Syd­ney for Christ­mas then head­ing to Fiji in Jan­uary. Then I will head home via Bali and the Philip­pines.

What are your top travel tips?

Do farm work, but don’t make too many plans be­cause they will change.

I ar­rived in Syd­ney got a bar job made lots of friends and loved it.

I left to farm work and met such good peo­ple... I have been with them all for a year now. One hun­dred per­cent do farm work even though it sounds hard. it is prob­a­bly the best thing you can do be­cause you will meet the best peo­ple and be with them all the time.

It’s like a lit­tle fam­ily.

I left Syd­ney and went to Dar­win on my own couldn’t find any farm work then rang a farmer in Bowen and he was like “I got work for you start­ing on Mon­day, if you can get here straight away”.

I spent $500 on a flight to Bowen... started work but he lied to me.

I wasn’t work­ing in a shed I was pick­ing toma­toes and work­ing six days a week for 12 hours a day and get­ting $400 a week and it was s**t.

Then I rang Aussie No­mads and I got a job on a good farm called Brat Pack, pick­ing pump­kins.

When you get to a work­ing hos­tel there is a wait­ing list and you don’t know what job you will be on.

You need to ask peo­ple ‘Is it hourly paid?’ and speak to peo­ple who have been to that hos­tel be­fore.

Get on­line and read the the re­views and make sure the guy is look­ing af­ter you.

The guy at my tomato farm would take two weeks de­posit off you and not give you a penny back if you didn’t like it and left.

Make sure you leave with loads of money and make sure you go to a work­ing hos­tel, don’t go to a house share be­cause there is no one else to talk to.


LAW GRAD­U­ATE: Emily Climp­son, 23-year-old back­packer from Liver­pool in Air­lie Beach.

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