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Across 7/8 In 1938, which Amer­i­can set a record by fly­ing around the world in just over 91 hours? (7,6) 11 Which is Italy’s most fa­mous buried city? (7) 12 What re­la­tion is Don­ald Duck to Huey, Dewey and Louie? (5)

13 In the Ro­man cal­en­dar, what day fell roughly in the mid­dle of each month? (4)

14 What small metal or plas­tic tube is fixed tightly around the ends of shoe laces? (5)

18 What was the cap­i­tal of Nige­ria un­til 1991? (5) 19 Where is Italy’s most fa­mous tower? (4) 23 We bor­rowed the word “anorak” from what lan­guage? (5)

24 What are low walls built out into the sea from a beach to check ero­sion? (7)

25/27 Who played the ath­letic Purdey in TV’s The New Avengers? (6,6)

Down 1 Who (Char­lie __) com­posed the song “Smile”, recorded by Nat King Cole and Michael Jack­son? (7)

2 Mark Spitz found fame as a what? (7)

3 In snooker, which ball is worth three points? (5) 4 What is “rhe­sus” ab­bre­vi­ated to? (2)

5 In the US, what is the name Charles of­ten ab­bre­vi­ated to? (5)

6 What flex­i­ble wil­low is used in bas­ketry? (5) 9 What is some­one who lends at very high in­ter­est rates? (6)

10/15 Which record pro­ducer, who turned 80 in 2006, pro­duced 30 UK num­ber one hit sin­gles? (3,6,6)

16 What is the best-known make of player pi­ano? (7)

17 What is a light-re­flect­ing stud in a road­way? (4,3) 20 What is some­one skilled in nin­jutsu? (5) 21 What gold coin was for­merly used in most Euro­pean coun­tries? (5)

22 Which large wa­ter lily is sa­cred in Egypt? (5) 26 What is an­other name for the three-toed sloth? (2)

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