The ‘Hit­man’s Body­guard’ stars bond over their off­screen lives as dads of daugh­ters

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The Hit­man’s Body­guard: Sa­muel L. Jack­son and Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds and Sa­muel L. Jack­son first met at a fundraiser at Jack­son’s Los An­ge­les home. “He had all these great pho­tos of his life on a table,” Reynolds, 40, re­calls. “I said, ‘I never think to do this.’ He said, ‘Why not? It’s your f--king life, man!’ It stayed with me, and now I have pho­tos of my kids and my wife all over our house.” The Hit­man’s Body­guard stars sat down with WHO to dis­cuss mar­riage, rais­ing daugh­ters— Jack­son, 68, and his wife, Latanya, are par­ents to Zoe, 35; and Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, have two girls, 2-yearold James and 10-month-old Ines—and lov­ing Down­ton Abbey’s grande dame.

What sur­prised you most about work­ing with each other? Reynolds I didn’t know he could sing that well. I’ve heard him sing in movies be­fore, but you al­ways think they’re kind of fak­ing it. Jack­son He han­dles daddy du­ties while he’s work­ing. Reynolds I like hav­ing my kids at work. You want to have them around, but you don’t want them to be an im­po­si­tion. Jack­son I used to like hav­ing Zoe around, then once she was of a cer­tain age, she was try­ing to be around be­cause she could stash candy in her backpack. She would go to craft ser­vice. I’m like, “Where do all these Blow Pops come from?” Reynolds My daugh­ter’s like a dime-store thug on-set. She’ll open her jacket, and there’s like a hun­dred Toot­sie Rolls in­side. What’s the key to rais­ing a strong daugh­ter? Jack­son I don’t know. She spent a lot of time with me. Her mom’s re­ally strong. Reynolds My kids, for­tu­nately they have both of our genes. They have my wife’s abil­ity to just stay up all hours. Yet they also have my genes, which is to wake up no mat­ter what at 5 AM. Sam, you’ve been mar­ried for 37 years. What’s your se­cret? Jack­son We have a very strong bond. We met in col­lege, in the the­atre. We ac­tu­ally thought we were go­ing to be the black Liz Tay­lor and Richard Bur­ton, but we were go­ing to stay to­gether! She’s had a good ca­reer. I’ve had a good ca­reer. So it’s worked. What ac­tor are you dy­ing to work with? Jack­son I fi­nally got to do a scene with Michael Caine in Kings­man. I still want to do a scene with Mag­gie Smith. She is one of my favourite peo­ple. We hang out. Reynolds I love that Mag­gie’s face can turn one word into a 68-syl­la­ble thing: “I wouldn’t do it in-ten-shon-all -lee.” I watch her in Down­ton, and I’m like, “Wow!”

“They have my wife’s abil­ity to just stay up all hours” —Ryan Reynolds on his kids

Sa­muel L. Jack­son & Ryan Reynolds

“I got an Mma-style knee to the face yes­ter­day morn­ing at 5.36 AM,” says Reynolds (with his fam­ily last year) on life as a dad.

Jack­son plays an as­sas­sin who needs his own pro­tec­tion (Reynolds) in the ac­tion-com­edy The Hit­man’s Body­guard, in cine­mas on Aug. 31.

Jack­son with his wife, ac­tress Latanya (mid­dle), and their daugh­ter, Zoe Jack­son (in 2008).

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