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“We’re very, very close and some­times we do quote the odd Ti­tanic line back and forth ... be­cause only we can.” Kate Winslet on her un­sink­able friend­ship with Leonardo Dicaprio. “I hate it when peo­ple say, ‘You look good for your age.’ It should be, ‘You look good.’ Pe­riod. Get­ting older is a good thing.” Amen Dita Von Teese. “He knows he crossed the line. He knows. And I know he knows.” Jay-z knows where he stands in his feud with Kanye West. “One of them calls it ‘old peo­ple’s mu­sic.’ [I’m] like, ‘What are you talk­ing about?’” Mel B’s kids re­ally, re­ally don’t want to hear Spice Girls songs.

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