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The High Court of Aus­tralia ruled on Sept. 7 that the same-sex mar­riage sur­vey can go ahead. The bal­lot packs, which the Aus­tralian Bu­reau of Statis­tics be­gan send­ing out on Sept. 12, are due back by Nov. 7, with re­sults to ap­pear on the ABS web­site on Nov. 17. ● Dan­ish in­ven­tor Peter Mad­sen, 46, who has been charged with the man­slaugh­ter of Swedish jour­nal­ist Kim Wall ( WHO, Sept. 11), told a court on Sept. 5 that Wall, 30, was ac­ci­den­tally killed when a hatch cover in his sub­ma­rine hit her on the head. In a panic he buried the body— found dis­mem­bered and naked—at sea.

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