do­ing OK. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get sick of my­self. But for the most part we’re gung-ho and try to make the most of what we have. Do you ever plan to re­tire?

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How do you draw a line be­tween par­ent­ing and man­ag­ing?

I’m al­ways Mom first. I love my kids more than any­thing and it gives me such joy to see that they’re fol­low­ing the path they love. And they’re all re­ally smart kids with amaz­ing work ethics. They’re telling me, “Let’s do more. Faster. Big­ger.”

How do you run a fam­ily like you run a busi­ness?

There’s a dif­fer­ent CEO ev­ery day. Some­times it’s Khloé. Some­times it’s Kourt­ney. This week Kim is CEO be­cause she’s or­gan­is­ing the Christ­mas-card shoot.

Do you think there will ever be back­lash from Kar-jen­ner over-sat­u­ra­tion?

We are kind of ev­ery­where, so there’s a pos­si­bil­ity there is an over­sat­u­ra­tion. But so far we’re I don’t. Be­ing busy and work­ing hard is in­stru­men­tal in a long, healthy life. ( Keep­ing Up with the Kar­dashi­ans airs Mon­days, 1 PM on E!)

“They each have their own way of do­ing things. My job is to let them be who they truly are,” says Jen­ner of her kids.

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