TRACEY JEWEL The MAFS star shows off her new man.

The ‘Mar­ried at First Sight’ star finds love closer to home: ‘I have my happy-ever-af­ter’

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Snug­gled up on the couch with her ven­ture-cap­i­tal­ist beau, Pa­trick Kede­mos, at Syd­ney’s In­ter­con­ti­nen­tal Ho­tel on a chilly Sunday, it’s clear the dra­mas of the past few months are the fur­thest thing from Mar­ried at First Sight star Tracey Jewel’s mind. Af­ter be­ing at the cen­tre of the cheat­ing scan­dal be­tween her MAFS “hus­band,” Dean Wells, and Davina Rankin, Tracey, 35, dated MAFS alumni Sean Thom­sen.

In May, she split with FIFO worker Sean and has now re­united with her ex-part­ner and “rock,” Pa­trick, 45. The Perth-based pair dated be­fore she be­gan film­ing MAFS and re­cently re­con­nected at an An­thony Rob­bins sem­i­nar in Cairns—and haven’t looked back since. Says Tracey with a smile, “I have my happy-ever-af­ter.”

In Syd­ney to pro­mote her new book, This God­dess Means Busi­ness, Tracey adds, “I have no re­grets be­cause it got me to this point to­day and I feel like ev­ery­thing is just align­ing now. I feel like I’m liv­ing a fairy­tale, to be hon­est. Pa­trick is an amaz­ing man.” Ac­com­pa­nied by Pa­trick’s two teenage chil­dren from his first mar­riage, the cou­ple chat­ted with WHO’S Amy Mills about mov­ing in to­gether, mar­riage and MAFS.

You two seem so happy! Tell us a lit­tle about how you re­united? Tracey We are happy! Be­ing in self-development, we were there [at the sem­i­nar] to dis­cuss fu­ture goals and what you want for your life. It be­came re­ally clear how aligned we were in our goals and what we wanted in life. It was per­fect tim­ing and re­ally as­sured me that we are on the same page.

How is ev­ery­thing go­ing? Tracey

We love each other very much. We are de­lighted to be to­gether.

Pa­trick We’ve al­ways been in each other’s lives since we met and we are very happy to come back to each other.

Pa­trick, what do you love about Tracey? Pa­trick

She’s in­tel­li­gent, she has a very good sense of hu­mour, she’s good-look­ing and she re­ally has the am­bi­tion to do some­thing with her life. She is ex­tremely pleas­ant to be around and that’s prob­a­bly what stands out when you meet Tracey—she is very like­able. My kids are com­fort­able with her and she has this en­ergy and vi­tal­ity; she wants to live life to the fullest and that’s what we all try to find.

Given the pub­lic crit­i­cism she’s re­ceived, do you con­sider Tracey a strong woman? Pa­trick

Yes, that’s why we get along so well, be­cause I’m not al­ways go­ing to agree with her! She needs a strong man and she knows, to a large ex­tent, that I’m the only guy who could han­dle her. [ Laughs]

How did you ini­tially meet back in 2016? Pa­trick

We met through a friend. I was, un­til quite re­cently, the French con­sul in Western Aus­tralia, so I was in­vited to func­tions with se­nior politi­cians and ev­ery­one is mar­ried. I needed a date to come with me to an event, so I called a mu­tual friend and asked if she had a lovely date for me. She said, “Yes, I do!” Tracey and I clicked im­me­di­ately.

Why did you de­cide to part ways in 2017? Tracey

It was just tim­ing. Pa­trick is a very busy man and I was do­ing my own thing. Ob­vi­ously, watch­ing the show was dif­fi­cult and I chose not to be in touch with him while the show was air­ing so I didn’t make things worse. He was trav­el­ling while the show was on, so he kind of got away with it.

Pa­trick I think she needed to have this ex­pe­ri­ence; it was im­por­tant for her. Of course, ev­ery­thing comes with down­sides, so it hasn’t been 100 per cent pos­i­tive but it cer­tainly has been an ex­pe­ri­ence that, de­spite what some peo­ple might think to be su­per­fi­cial, brought us a lot closer

Tracey, how does your re­la­tion­ship with Pa­trick dif­fer from those you had with Dean and Sean? Tracey

When you do that show, you can get con­fused with what is real-life and what isn’t. I know Pa­trick is real but I couldn’t say the same for Sean and Dean. Some­times, I didn’t know the dif­fer­ence be­tween what was real and what was for TV or for me­dia op­por­tu­ni­ties. When you’re ques­tion­ing your re­la­tion­ship based on what’s real and what isn’t, that is not nor­mal. I don’t have to ques­tion any­thing with Pa­trick be­cause he’s so sta­ble. He is such a rock.

Were you hurt by the back­lash you’ve re­ceived af­ter break­ing up with Sean and the sug­ges­tion you were with Pa­trick the whole time? Tracey

I’ve been crit­i­cised from jump­ing from one re­la­tion­ship to an­other, but guys don’t have the same crit­i­cism go­ing from one girl to an­other, right? I’ve done noth­ing wrong. There was no over­lap be­tween Dean and Sean or Sean and Pa­trick what­so­ever. When I’m done, I’m done and I move on fast be­cause I know what I want. What’s wrong with that? Pa­trick is so sup­port­ive. He is re­ally proud of me and the way I han­dled my­self and it shows what an in­cred­i­ble guy he is to be able to get over that. It hasn’t af­fected our re­la­tion­ship at all.

Pa­trick, it must be up­set­ting for you? Pa­trick

You never want to see peo­ple you love be hurt, but at the same time, Tracey has very thick skin. She has al­ways been a strong in­di­vid­ual, but this ex­pe­ri­ence def­i­nitely made her a lot stronger and is what brought us closer. I am a strong in­di­vid­ual my­self. We both look at the sit­u­a­tion as a growth ex­pe­ri­ence and of­ten say any­thing that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That is cer­tainly what has hap­pened.

Do you have plans to move in to­gether? Pa­trick

That is very much on the cards. We are go­ing to travel a lot in the next cou­ple of months but, yes, af­ter that. We love each other, so it’s not a ques­tion of whether things will oc­cur or not, it’s just a mat­ter of tak­ing

things one step at a time.

Have you dis­cussed mar­riage and chil­dren? Tracey

We have three kids be­tween us. Be­fore we can move in, we want to ex­pe­ri­ence day-to-day life to­gether as we haven’t had an op­por­tu­nity to do that yet. We are just happy to be back to­gether.

Pa­trick We all want to find the per­son we are go­ing to spend the rest of our life with. If ev­ery­thing goes well, of course, that will be on the cards at some point but it’s not like we are set­ting a dead­line for our­selves. We are just happy to take life as it comes. •

“Pa­trick is so sup­port­ive. He is re­ally proud of me” —Tracey Jewel

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