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Parker Sawyers GUS THOMP­SON The A-crew mis­sion direc­tor has a strained re­la­tion­ship with his dad and gave up the chance of a job back in the States to re­main at Pine Gap. He soon re­grets his choice.

Jac­que­line Mcken­zie KATH SIN­CLAIR The hu­mour­less deputy chief of the fa­cil­ity has no time for small talk and lives and breathes the job, even if that means play­ing sec­ond fid­dle to the Amer­i­cans.

Steve Tous­saint ETHAN JAMES Pine Gap’s chief of fa­cil­ity is much more of a peo­ple per­son than Kath, who he views as an equal. His wife Belle (Si­mone Kes­sell) and kids made the move from the US with him.

Tess Haubrich JAS­MINA DELIC A new ad­di­tion to A-crew, com­mu­ni­ca­tions an­a­lyst Jas­mina has put in the time at other agen­cies to jus­tify her out­spo­ken na­ture and willing­ness to ques­tion her su­pe­ri­ors.

Stephen Curry JA­COB KITTO With A-crew hav­ing mis­han­dled the plane at­tack, not to men­tion be­ing po­ten­tially com­pro­mised, Kath brings in cocky out­sider Ja­cob to take charge of the team.

Mark Leonard Win­ter MOSES DREYFUS He doesn’t say much, but when the maths ge­nius speaks, peo­ple lis­ten – like when he dis­cov­ers ev­i­dence of a mole. But is he just be­ing para­noid, as is his wont?

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