BRIDE & PREJ­U­DICE Jess sets the record straight on ru­mours about her past

Jess sets the record straight on al­le­ga­tions of promis­cu­ity

WHO - - Contents - By Holly Richards Bride and Prej­u­dice airs 7.30pm Mon., Tues., and Wed. on Chan­nel Seven.

It’s the show that has shocked the na­tion, with thou­sands of view­ers left ap­palled by some of Aus­tralia’s most aw­ful par­ents on Bride & Prej­u­dice. By far the most con­tro­ver­sial of the lot is Mel­bourne mum Fa­tima, who hasn’t held back about her feel­ings to­wards her son Seyat’s fi­ancée, Jess. The dis­grun­tled mother of­fered the 21-year-old $10,000 to leave Seyat. But Jess wasn’t hav­ing a bar of it. “She is bul­ly­ing me,” Jess tells WHO. The drama has also spilled off-screen for the young cou­ple af­ter Seyat, 19, went pub­lic to make com­ments about Jess’ sex­ual his­tory on Syd­ney’s Kyle and Jackie O ra­dio show. “She did have a his­tory in the past,” Seyat said. “Have you asked her how many peo­ple she’s been with?” host Kyle Sandi­lands asked. “I did ac­tu­ally ask that ques­tion,” Seyat hes­i­tantly replied. “I’d say ... I think it’s about 20.” Nat­u­rally, Jess was left fu­ri­ous and up­set by the pub­lic re­marks and she’s here to share her side of the story in her own words.

Seyat has made some com­ments on ra­dio about your sex­ual past. Oh god. I knew that was go­ing to come up. How do you feel about what he had to say?

I’m open, I don’t re­ally mind it be­ing out there, that’s not re­ally a big deal to me. I just feel like it’s some­thing I should have had the chance to come out about. It’s my per­sonal life and the amount of peo­ple you have slept with shouldn’t make you a slut. At the end of the day, this was all be­fore Seyat. Maybe if it was dur­ing a re­la­tion­ship, sure, it would be a prob­lem. For some peo­ple it may be a lot, but for some peo­ple it’s not. It’s my life and I am the one who needs to deal with it. Were you an­gry? Yeah, I was re­ally an­gry. I told him that he doesn’t

al­ways have to an­swer ev­ery ques­tion, es­pe­cially when they’re about a per­sonal is­sue. He could have just said, “That is Jess’ per­sonal life and if she wants to ad­dress that then she can.” Es­pe­cially in front of his mother. It’s none of any­one’s busi­ness.

How much more are you will­ing to put up with?

I don’t know. I do re­ally love him. He’s a hard one be­cause he does so many things wrong but for some rea­son I can laugh about it the next sec­ond. Some­times I am prob­a­bly a bit blinded by love. He just needs to get con­trol of this stuff. He has no bound­aries and he can’t keep com­ing out about stuff that’s not to do with him. I would never come out about any­thing to do with him un­less he said it was OK. He used the ex­cuse that he was put on the spot but I am put on the spot, too, but I still man­age to con­trol my­self.

You’ve had one of the most dif­fi­cult jour­neys on the show. Did you have any mo­ment when you wanted to quit?

There were times when I felt like we were throw­ing our­selves up against a brick wall. We were try­ing so hard and noth­ing was work­ing. I was strug­gling re­ally hard emo­tion­ally and, to be hon­est, if it wasn’t for cer­tain peo­ple in the house, I may have called it quits. But they re­ally sup­ported me and wanted me to get to the end. Ev­ery­one in the house was re­ally amaz­ing.

Fa­tima has made some big ac­cu­sa­tions dur­ing the show, in­clud­ing that you were ly­ing about not tak­ing the $10,000. What did she mean?

I’m not sure what she means about ly­ing. At the ta­ble when she called me a liar I asked her to tell me what I’m ly­ing about and she couldn’t re­ally give me any ex­am­ples. When I con­fronted her about it she just kind of said, “Nah, nah, you’re a liar.” She was just pulling out any in­sults with­out hav­ing any­thing to back it up. When I asked her, she would shut it down. ■

Why didn’t you take the money?

$10,000 is $10,000. At the end of the day, I can go out and make $10,000 my­self, but can I go out and find a life part­ner that eas­ily? No.

Is there an amount of money you would have taken?

No, def­i­nitely not. I just don’t want to be bought off. It’s just not me. I’m a per­son, I’m not a couch. I just don’t think you can bribe me. Money is money, love is ir­re­place­able. You can’t make the love that me and Seyat have again.

Have you spo­ken to Fa­tima re­cently?

I haven’t re­ally had much in­ter­ac­tion with her since film­ing has fin­ished.

How does she feel about the show?

Seyat has been say­ing she is a lit­tle bit up­set but it’s hard to tell with­out me talk­ing to her my­self and I’m not re­ally want­ing to at the mo­ment.

What do your fam­ily think now that they’ve seen more of the show?

My par­ents are very an­gry. Episode 1, my mum wanted to jump through the TV.

Has your mum tried to con­tact Fa­tima?

She wants to and she wants to find out why she said what she said and why she speaks to me the way that she speaks. But she also doesn’t want to cause any drama for me so she’s just keep­ing her dis­tance to avoid that con­fronta­tion, but she’d love to say a few words to her.

Jess has been through an emo­tional time on the show. Seyat’s par­ents Fa­tima and Sam do not ap­prove of Jess mar­ry­ing their son. Jess was of­fered $10,000 from Fa­tima to leave Seyat. Jess, 21, and Seyat, 19, are the youngest cou­ple on Bride & Prej­u­dice. Re­al­ity TV lovers, don’t miss the new pod­cast Real Talk with Holly & Ali. Join two en­ter­tain­ment in­sid­ers as they delve into shows like Bride & Prej­u­dice to give you hot tips! On itunes, Spo­tify and Omny.

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