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“Ted’s just a ful­lyfledged en­ter­tainer … Char­lie’s just a lit­tle boy in his nar­cis­sis­tic world, like his dad.” Rob­bie Wil­liams re­vealed that his chil­dren, Theodora, 6, and Charl­ton, 4, are chips off the old block. “Young peo­ple have kids and then spend the next 30 years look­ing af­ter them. For what, I don’t know … Ba­si­cally they are a pain in the arse, as they cost a for­tune.” John Cleese opened up on what he re­ally thinks of hav­ing kids. “I re­mem­ber the film­ing of it, I just don’t re­mem­ber what the movie is about … But I liked mak­ing the movie and I loved fly­ing.” Sarah Jes­sica Parker’s mem­ory is a lit­tle foggy when it comes to the plot of her 1983 film Hocus Po­cus.

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