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Email Google Drive­full

QI fol­lowed your step-by-step guide on page 61 of is­sue 135 to ar­chive my old Gmail email from be­fore 2015. Ev­ery­thing ap­peared to pro­ceed smoothly enough – the files are now in MailS­tore and I chose the op­tion to delete mes­sages on the server, but Google is still telling me I only have 350MB free space. What gives? Greg Jen­ner Nick P’s so­lu­tion When MailS­tore deleted your mail from the Gmail server, it didn’t wipe it com­pletely; in­stead the mail was placed in the Bin folder, where it will re­side for the next 30 days un­til au­to­mat­i­cally be­ing wiped. If you’re con­fi­dent all the mail you’ve archived is now ac­ces­si­ble through MailS­tore, go to and lo­cate the Bin in the list of fold­ers on the left. Click this fol­lowed by the ‘Empty Bin now’ link at the top of the page. Con­firm how many mes­sages will be deleted, then click OK. Be pa­tient while this process oc­curs; once done, it may also take a lit­tle time be­fore your Google ac­count is up­dated to show the cor­rect amount of free space you have.

Net­work­ing Printer won ’t con­nect

QI’m at­tempt­ing to re-con­nect my lap­top PC to my net­work printer af­ter in­stalling the Win­dows 10 Cre­ators Up­date. When I run the printer’s setup soft­ware, how­ever, it fails to find the printer. Do you have any idea what’s hap­pen­ing? Evan Luck­ett

Rob’s so­lu­tion Evan sub­se­quently re­vealed that his lap­top had 2GB of RAM, and that he had no prob­lem con­nect­ing to the printer from his main desk­top PC. We in­ves­ti­gated the is­sue and dis­cov­ered that due to

fire­wall hard­en­ing rules, some net­work printer soft­ware may be un­able to de­tect print­ers over the net­work on ma­chines with un­der 4GB RAM. Mi­crosoft should re­solve the is­sue in an up­date, but you can fix the is­sue man­u­ally.

Right-click the Start but­ton and choose Com­mand Prompt (Ad­min), then type the fol­low­ing com­mand and hit [En­ter]: sc config fd­phost type=own Restart Win­dows and the printer soft­ware should now be able to de­tect – and in­stall – the printer.


QThe re­cent well-pub­li­cised at­tack on the NHS leaves me wor­ried about whether my spare lap­top could be sus­cep­ti­ble to such an at­tack. It’s still run­ning Win­dows XP, but I have se­cu­rity soft­ware in­stalled and up to date browsers. Kyle Dawkins Mayank’s so­lu­tion Sadly, the days for Win­dows XP have long since gone. Even with up-to-date se­cu­rity soft­ware in­stalled and the lat­est browsers in place, there are still gap­ing holes that can be ex­ploited, as the global Wan­naCry ran­somware at­tack so dev­as­tat­ingly proved.

Wan­naCry tar­geted busi­ness PCs, so you will have dodged one bul­let, and the at­tack was so se­ri­ous that Mi­crosoft rolled out a uni­ver­sal up­date to patch the bug for both Win­dows XP and Win­dows 8, so in­stalling that through Win­dows Up­date should close the door to that par­tic­u­lar vul­ner­a­bil­ity.

But there will be other ex­ploits both now and in the fu­ture, which is why XP is no longer safe, even in the short term. If your lap­top is still per­form­ing ad­e­quately, but isn’t ca­pa­ble of be­ing up­graded to at least Win­dows 7, then you should con­sider switch­ing to an al­ter­na­tive op­er­at­ing sys­tem, such as Linux Mint (www.lin­ Mint has a clean, mod­ern user in­ter­face and is rel­a­tively safe from mal­ware. And it runs eas­ily on older PCs.


QI’m still us­ing a won­der­ful (but dis­con­tin­ued) pro­gram called Ember, which I pur­chased back in the Win­dows XP days. I’ve never found another graphic file man­ager, viewer and screen­saver like it, so keep go­ing back de­spite my best ef­forts to move on. I’ve tried to in­stall it now in Win­dows 10, but am un­able to get past a series of setup screens, which keep ap­pear­ing each time I restart the pro­gram. Can you help? Peter McAn­drew

“Wan­naCry tar­geted busi­ness PCs, so you will have dodged one bul­let”


QI can no longer view help files from older pro­grams in Win­dows 10. Is there a work­around? Fiona Hol­lis Rob’s so­lu­tion Mi­crosoft stopped pro­vid­ing a fix for this prob­lem with Win­dows 8.1, but thanks to the ef­forts of Komeil Bah­man­pour (and a slight tweak) you can get older help files work­ing in Win­dows 10 – even with the lat­est Cre­ators Up­date. Here’s how to do it… Cat’s so­lu­tion In the past, Peter could com­plete the setup process by tem­po­rar­ily re­duc­ing User Ac­cess Con­trol to its low­est level, but this no longer works in Win­dows 10. Iron­i­cally, the ac­tual so­lu­tion is a lot sim­pler. When run­ning Ember for the first time, sim­ply right-click its pro­gram file or short­cut and choose ‘Run as Ad­min­is­tra­tor’. This gives it the one-time ac­cess to the Reg­istry it needs to fin­ish set­ting it­self up – once done, the pro­gram should run as nor­mal.

While trou­bleshoot­ing the prob­lem, Ian came across XnView ( as a po­ten­tial long-term re­place­ment for Ember. It comes in many guises – XnView MP is the most fully fea­tured ver­sion, while XNView Clas­sic may have the func­tion­al­ity Ian needs. All are free for per­sonal use, and can be run as por­ta­ble applications too.


QI re­cently fit­ted a sec­ond in­ter­nal hard drive to my desk­top PC. I’ve dou­ble-checked the phys­i­cal con­nec­tions and ver­i­fied it’s vis­i­ble in the con­fig­u­ra­tion util­ity that ap­pears be­fore you boot Win­dows, but there’s no sign of it in Win­dows at all. What am I miss­ing? A driver? Leonard Green Matt’s so­lu­tion It sounds like the drive hasn’t yet been ini­tialised, which you can do in Win­dows. Right-click the Start but­ton and choose Disk Man­age­ment, which will list all the drives at­tached to your PC. You should see your new drive is vis­i­ble here, but it’ll be marked as Un­al­lo­cated. Right-click this space and choose New Sim­ple Vol­ume. Fol­low the wiz­ard through the steps to set it up – the de­fault choices will cre­ate a sin­gle NTFS­for­mat­ted hard drive com­plete with drive let­ter, ready for you to use.


QI’ve gone to great lengths to keep my Win­dows tablet’s 32GB SSD drive from fill­ing up, in­clud­ing mov­ing user fold­ers, apps and pro­grams to a sec­ondary drive (the lat­ter us­ing Steam Mover as rec­om­mended by your­selves). But I’m still strug­gling for space – is there any­thing else I can at­tempt to shift off the drive to my 64GB microSD card? Luca Kaest­ner Nick P’s so­lu­tion Be­fore look­ing for any ad­di­tional fold­ers to move, first run Disk Clean-up (or a trusted clean-up tool such as CCleaner) to see if there’s any ob­vi­ous de­tri­tus hang­ing about

– for ex­am­ple, if you’ve re­cently in­stalled the Cre­ators Up­date you may be able to free up a sig­nif­i­cant chunk of space.

If you’ve en­abled Sys­tem Re­store on the drive, con­sider switch­ing it off, but only if you’re tak­ing a full drive im­age us­ing a tool like Macrium Re­flect Free. We’ll as­sume any cloud stor­age (OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop­box and so on) is al­ready sav­ing to your microSD card, but also con­sider se­lec­tively sync­ing only a sub­set of the fold­ers avail­able or – in the case of OneDrive – re­mov­ing the sync com­pletely and re­ly­ing on the OneDrive Win­dows Store app to se­lec­tively ac­cess files di­rectly from the cloud as and when re­quired.

If you reg­u­larly fill your drive with tem­po­rary files, then go to Start > Set­tings > Sys­tem > Stor­age and make sure ‘Stor­age sense’ is switched on, click­ing ‘Change how we free up space’ to con­fig­ure au­to­matic dele­tion of tem­po­rary files and files that have been left in the Re­cy­cle bin. Or move the temp files off your drive com­pletely: type ‘en­vi­ron­ment’ into the Search box and click ‘Edit en­vi­ron­ment vari­ables for your ac­count’ be­fore edit­ing both the TEMP and TMP vari­ables, so that they point to your microSD card.


QI see that the Win­dows 10 Cre­ators Up­date has now re­moved the Sys­tem Con­trol Panel, em­bed­ding it into Set­tings in­stead. Is there a way to bring the orig­i­nal back so I can eas­ily ac­cess the ad­vanced op­tions? Tony Bar­row­clough Rob’s so­lu­tion Win­dows 10 is do­ing its best to hide away the old Con­trol Panel, but it’s still there – the quick­est way to ac­cess the Ad­vanced tab of the Sys­tem Prop­er­ties Con­trol Panel is to press [Win] + [R], type sysdm.cpl and hit [En­ter], for ex­am­ple, while typ­ing ‘con­trol sys­tem’ brings up the Sys­tem Prop­er­ties Con­trol Panel with in­for­ma­tion about your PC.

If you’d like these short­cuts back on the menu that ap­pears when you right-click the Start but­ton, down­load and run Win+ X Menu Ed­i­tor (­load.php?view.21). Select ‘Add a pro­gram‘ from the list of op­tions at the top of the win­dow, then choose ‘Add a Con­trol Panel item’, and scroll down and choose Sys­tem. Now restart File Ex­plorer and the short­cut will ap­pear.

“If you’ve re­cently in­stalled the Cre­ators Up­date you may be able to free up a sig­nif­i­cant chunk of space”

Net­work glitch Fire­wall changes may make it hard for your PC to de­tect a printer.

Im­age viewer XnView is a fea­ture-rich tool for view­ing and edit­ing images.

Empty bin You won’t be able to re­claim space on Google Drive if its bin is full.

Miss­ing drive You must ini­tialise your hard drive be­fore it’s vis­i­ble.

Temp move Free up ex­tra space by hous­ing tem­po­rary files on another drive.

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