Dis­cover the ways Cor­tana can help you

Meet the dig­i­tal as­sis­tant that’s here to help you – she can even recog­nise the sound of your voice

Windows 7 Help & Advice - - WELCOME TO WINDOWS 10 -

Mi­crosoft’s vir­tual per­sonal as­sis­tant takes its name from a char­ac­ter in the Halo series of videogames. That in­car­na­tion of Cor­tana – an AI who is out­wardly fe­male (hav­ing been cre­ated from the brain pat­terns of a fe­male sci­en­tist) and never seems to have been pro­vided with quite enough clothes – can hack alien com­puter en­cryp­tion and fly cap­tured space­ships. The Win­dows 10 ver­sion is per­haps a lit­tle less pow­er­ful, but comes in use­ful all the same. She can search us­ing nat­u­ral language terms, and by us­ing voice ac­ti­va­tion just like Siri does on your iPhone. And if the idea of voice con­trol­ling your PC alarms you, or per­haps your com­puter isn’t equipped with a mic, then you can still in­ter­act with Cor­tana through the key­board, typ­ing your queries for Cor­tana to an­swer.

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