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I bought a cheap key­board only to dis­cover it has no Caps Lock in­di­ca­tor. What can I do? Jill Ball

Try Key­board LEDs (http:// key­board-leds.com), which beeps and pro­vides a graph­i­cal in­di­ca­tor in the Taskbar No­ti­fi­ca­tion Area when­ever you press Caps Lock.

Is there a way to au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ate a link when I type a word or phrase in my blog? Harry Thomas

If you’re us­ing Open Live Writer, click File > Op­tions > Au­to­matic Link­ing where you en­ter your text and the as­so­ci­ated link that’s cre­ated when­ever it’s en­tered.

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