Top 10 Taskbar tips

Get more from your Win­dows 7 Taskbar

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12Create a retro Taskbar

If you‘re not so keen on the com­bined Taskbar but­tons in Win­dows 7, re­store the old Win­dows XP and Win­dows Vista style – right-click the Taskbar, select Prop­er­ties, and set the Taskbar But­tons op­tion to ‘Never com­bine’.

13Rear­range your apps

Win­dows 7 Taskbar but­tons are now move­able – drag, drop and re­po­si­tion them to suit your needs.

14Key­board speedup #1

To select a Taskbar app from the key­board, hold down the [Win] key and hit [1] to launch the first icon, [2] the sec­ond, [3] the third, up to [0] (which rep­re­sents 10).

15View a web­site

Want eas­ier ac­cess to the web? Right-click the Taskbar, select Tool­bars > Ad­dress, then en­ter a URL such as when­ever you like to open a browser win­dow at that page.

16Fast taskswitch­ing

To switch quickly be­tween win­dows of the same ap­pli­ca­tion, hold down [Ctrl] as you click the app‘s Taskbar but­ton.

17Re­launch with a click

If you‘ve launched an ap­pli­ca­tion and then want to run another copy, don‘t go back to the Start menu – just hold down [Shift], click the app‘s Taskbar icon and Win­dows fires up another in­stance of the pro­gram.

18Rear­range win­dows

Do you miss the old ‘Min­imise all win­dows’, Cas­cade, Tile and other op­tions that no longer ap­pear when you right-click a Taskbar but­ton in Win­dows 7? You can make them reap­pear by hold­ing down [Ctrl] + [Shift] as you right-click. Magic!

19bring back quick launch

If you‘d like the old Quick Launch tool­bar back, right-click the Taskbar, and then click Tool­bars > New Tool­bar, type ‘%user­pro­file%\Ap­pData\ Roam­ing\Mi­crosoft\ In­ter­net Ex­plorer\Quick Launch’ in the folder box, and click Select Folder.

20Key­board speedup #2

To switch to a Taskbar ap­pli­ca­tion from the key­board, hold down the [Win] key and press [T] to select the Taskbar, then use the left and right ar­rows to select an ap­pli­ca­tion, and then press [En­ter] to launch it.

21Shrink the Taskbar

Cut­ting the Taskbar down to size leaves more screen space for of your applications. Right-click the Taskbar, select Prop­er­ties and then check ‘Use Small Icons’ to make it hap­pen.

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