Key­board short­cuts

Learn these key­board short­cuts if you want to use your apps like a pro

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41 [Win] key + [Left ar­row] Docks the cur­rent win­dow to the left half of the screen.

42 [Win] key + [Right ar­row] Docks the cur­rent win­dow to the right half of the screen.

43 [Win] key + [Up ar­row] Max­imises the cur­rent win­dow.

44 [Win] key + [Down ar­row] Min­imises the cur­rent win­dow.

45 [Win] key + [M] Min­imises all win­dows.

46 [Win] key + [Space] Makes all win­dows trans­par­ent so you can see the desk­top.

47 [Win] key + [Shift] + [Left ar­row]/[Right ar­row] On a multi-mon­i­tor PC, this short­cut moves a win­dow from one mon­i­tor to another.

48 [Win] key + [B] Moves fo­cus to the sys­tem tray.

49 [Win] key + [E] Launches Win­dows Ex­plorer.

50 [Win] key + [F] Dis­plays the Find dia­log box.

51 [Win] key + [Ctrl] + [F] Dis­plays the Find Com­puter dia­log box.

52 [Win] key + [Pause/Break] Dis­plays the Sys­tem Prop­er­ties dia­log box.

53 [Win] key + [+] Zooms in on the screen.

54 [Win] key + [-] Zooms out from the screen.

55 [Win] key + [Alt] + [1] to [9] Opens a jump list for the icon in that Taskbar po­si­tion.

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