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71IObit Unin­staller ad­vance­dunin­staller.html An easy-to-use tool that (un­like the Win­dows equiv­a­lent) re­moves every trace of a pro­gram from your PC.

72Vista Switcher soft­ware/vis­taswitcher Re­places the [Alt] + [Tab] dia­log with a list of run­ning apps, and larger pre­views, mak­ing it easy to switch pro­grams.

73Copy Han­dler

www.copy han­ Re­places the Ex­plorer file copy func­tion; it‘s more con­fig­urable, of­ten faster, it en­ables you to pause and re­sume copies, and can­cel in­di­vid­ual files.

74Ul­tra Search

www.jam-soft­tra­search Ul­tra Search is ul­tra-fast and lo­cates files with the names you spec­ify al­most as fast as you can type. It‘s far speed­ier than Win­dows Search, and doesn‘t waste time build­ing in­dexes.

75Shut­down Timer

www.sin­ Need a more flex­i­ble way to shut down your PC? Shut­down Timer closes in a few min­utes, at a named date and time, when your CPU is idle, net­work ac­tiv­ity has stopped, and more.


www.ex­plorer plus­ This is fast, small and con­fig­urable, fea­tur­ing tabbed fold­ers for easy file man­age­ment on even the most com­plex of hard drives.

77Win­dows Me­dia Player Plus

http://bm­pro­duc­tions. This free plug-in ex­tends Me­dia Player with an easy-to-use tag ed­i­tor, adds ‘What‘s Play­ing Now‘ in­for­ma­tion to the ti­tle bar and Win­dows Live Mes­sen­ger sta­tus, sim­pli­fies search­ing, re­stores the last ac­tive playlist when you restart Me­dia Player, and more.

78St art Menu Cleaner­ start-menu-cleaner Every Start menu gets clut­tered with bro­ken short­cuts and empty fold­ers. This pro­gram finds and deletes them, mak­ing it quicker and eas­ier to nav­i­gate the rest of your sys­tem.

79Folder Menu

http://fol­d­er­menu. source­ For­get desk­top short­cuts or Taskbar but­tons, Folder Menu brings up a cus­tomis­able menu of favourite fold­ers with just a click of the mid­dle mouse but­ton, then pro­vides many short­cuts to help you ac­cess them more quickly.

80 Ditto

http://ditto-cp. source­ Ditto ex­tends the Win­dows clip­board, stor­ing ev­ery­thing you copy there. If you copy one im­age to the clip­board, say, then another, Ditto en­sures the first is still avail­able and you can paste it into a doc­u­ment in just a cou­ple of clicks.

67 ‘Run as‘ re­turns

Right-click a pro­gram in Win­dows XP and you see a ‘Run as‘ op­tion, en­abling you to launch the pro­gram as a dif­fer­ent user. This is handy if you need to run a pro­gram with dif­fer­ent se­cu­rity priv­i­leges to your cur­rent ac­count. This dis­ap­peared in Win­dows Vista, but Win­dows 7 brings it back – hold down [Shift] as you right-click a pro­gram and choose the Run As Dif­fer­ent User op­tion.

68 Find your router‘s IP ad­dress

If you need to change your router set­tings, you prob­a­bly have to en­ter its IP ad­dress into a browser. But which ad­dress is that, ex­actly? To find out, type ‘cmd’ and click the cmd.exe link to open a com­mand win­dow, then type ‘ip­con­fig /all’ and press [En­ter]. Scroll down the list, look­ing for the net­work adap­tor that‘s con­nected to your router, check its De­fault Gate­way set­ting, and that‘s usu­ally the router ad­dress.

69 Tweak Sys­tem Re­store

Sys­tem Re­store is a great disaster re­cov­ery tool, but can con­sume loads of hard drive space – un­less you stop it. To re­cover some of it, click Start, right-click Com­puter, select Prop­er­ties, and then click Ad­vanced Sys­tem Set­tings > Sys­tem Pro­tec­tion. Then, for each drive where Sys­tem Re­store Pro­tec­tion is set to On, click Con­fig­ure, and set the Max Us­age fig­ure to the max­i­mum amount of drive space you’re happy to lose.

70 Save your chats

Win­dows Live Mes­sen­ger can save your chats for ref­er­ence later, with a tweak – click Tools > Op­tions > Mes­sages and check ‘Au­to­mat­i­cally keep a history of my con­ver­sa­tions’.

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