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One Cal­en­dar prob­lems

QAfter you dealt with my cal­en­dar query in is­sue 138, I bought the One Cal­en­dar app. It’s a big im­prove­ment, but although I can colour-code events on screen, only one colour ap­pears when print­ing. I also get a sync er­ror mes­sage at the top of the screen – I thought I’d paid for the full ver­sion. Tony Lawrence Nick O’s so­lu­tion We’d pur­chased One Cal­en­dar be­fore rec­om­mend­ing it, so knew this wasn’t nor­mal be­hav­iour. We tracked down the sync er­ror prob­lem to the fact that Tony had been at­tempt­ing to save events to a read-only cal­en­dar, typ­i­cally one shared by an­other user – One Cal­en­dar isn’t smart enough to recog­nise read-only cal­en­dars and pre­vent you from sav­ing changes to them. The so­lu­tion is to con­tact the cal­en­dar’s owner and ask for full ac­cess, or log on to your cal­en­dar ac­count on­line to see if there’s a set­ting you can change. Fail­ing that, recre­ate the event in a cal­en­dar that isn’t read-only – se­lect the event and click Copy to quickly do this, then delete the orig­i­nal event.

As for the print er­ror, we were un­able to repli­cate this on our PC – ba­si­cally, One Cal­en­dar colours events ac­cord­ing to the cal­en­dar they’re as­signed to (change these colours via Set­tings > Op­tions > Colors). Tony sub­se­quently re­ported that the print func­tion worked cor­rectly when he set the app up on his lap­top, sug­gest­ing it might be re­lated to a printer driver is­sue on his main PC. In­ter­net

Tor won’t run

QAny ideas on how to get Win­dows 10 to run the Tor browser? I’ve looked at var­i­ous set­tings, but noth­ing’s ob­vi­ous. John Ire­land

Multi-coloured Events are printed in colour ac­cord­ing to their cal­en­dar.

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