How to de­clut­ter your PC

“Over time your PC will ac­cu­mu­late all sorts of cruft that will slow it down. Un­clog your com­puter and get it run­ning smoothly again with our handy guide!”

Windows 7 Help & Advice - - WINDOWS HELP & ADVICE - Your guide Alex Blake says…

You’ll be amazed by how much rub­bish there is bung­ing up your com­puter un­der the sur­face. Thank­fully, there’s a free pro­gram that can sweep away the cob­webs, get your PC back up to speed, and re­store or­der to the uni­verse (maybe not that last bit). That pro­gram is CCleaner – with a few sim­ple clicks you can clear out gigabytes of un­wanted and un­nec­es­sary data that could be slow­ing your com­puter to a crawl.

You should be care­ful, though. Don’t run CCleaner’s Drive Wiper and Wipe Free Space fea­tures if Win­dows is in­stalled on an SSD. Sim­i­larly, the usual warn­ings ap­ply to the pro­gram’s Reg­istry cleaner – only do that if you know what you’re do­ing, and back up the Reg­istry be­fore­hand in case any­thing goes wrong.

That said, CCleaner is a quick, user-friendly way to free up space on your drives. Let’s get started…

Alex’s best tip! An­other op­tion? WinDirS­tat is a free pro­gram that shows you what files are tak­ing up the most space on your PC.

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