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1 Pre­pare your drive

Right-click your C drive and choose Prop­er­ties. ‘Used Space’ needs to be at least 15GB less than the ca­pac­ity of your new drive to al­low for var­i­ous fac­tors, in­clud­ing fu­ture us­age. If you can’t clean enough files off the drive to do this, move large data files to a se­condary drive.

2 Con­nect the new drive

Fit your new solid-state drive (SSD) into a spare bay (desk­top PC) or ex­ter­nal USB drive en­clo­sure (lap­top). Con­nect it us­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate ca­bles (SATA and power for desk­top, USB for lap­top). Start your PC and in­stall Macrium Re­flect Free (www.­flect­free.aspx) if nec­es­sary.

3 Se­lect par­ti­tions to clone

Launch Macrium. Se­lect your Win­dows drive and click ‘Clone this disk…’ Make sure only those par­ti­tions you need will be copied across. These are: Sys­tem Re­served; your ac­tual Win­dows par­ti­tion; and any hid­den par­ti­tions at the end of the drive. Untick any oth­ers, then click ‘Se­lect a disk to clone to…’

4 Set tar­get disk

Se­lect your new drive – this will be the one with no par­ti­tions as­signed to it. Then sim­ply drag each par­ti­tion across in turn – Macrium will au­to­mat­i­cally shrink your C drive to fit. If nec­es­sary, click Cloned Par­ti­tion Prop­er­ties to ver­ify that the align­ment set­tings are ‘Vista/7/SSD’.

5 Wait as drive is cloned

Click Fin­ish. Untick ‘Save backup and sched­ules as an XML Backup Def­i­ni­tion File’ and click OK to per­form the cloning op­er­a­tion. Each par­ti­tion is copied in turn, a quick file check is per­formed and then the ac­tual cloning process will take place. Be pa­tient – this may take some time.

6 Fit new your SSD

Shut down your PC. Lap­top users should swap out the cur­rent drive for their new SSD; desk­top users will need to re­boot and make sure the new SSD is the pri­mary boot de­vice in the UEFI/BIOS set­tings. If all is well, Win­dows should boot – and it’ll now do so much quicker than be­fore.

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