Re­cover from stub­born in­fec­tions

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1 Zap nasty mal­ware

If you can restart your PC in Safe mode – see the main body text op­po­site to find out how – with net­work­ing, then go to­port/res­cue/ to down­load a free tool that spe­cialises in re­mov­ing stub­born mal­ware. If you can’t get on­line in Safe mode, down­load it on a clean PC and trans­fer it across.

2 Scan with two en­gines

If you can boot your PC, but can’t get into Safe mode and have lim­ited ac­cess to your sys­tem, down­load and in­stall the por­ta­ble Em­sisoft Emer­gency Kit (www.em­ soft­ware/eek/) on to a USB flash drive on a clean PC. Be warned, it’s 311MB, so make sure the drive has enough free space.

3 Pre­pare the scan­ner

Launch the tool on your clean PC, and select the Emer­gency Kit Scan­ner. Click Yes when prompted to down­load the lat­est up­dates. Once that’s done, close the tool, and then plug the drive into your in­fected PC. Launch the scan­ner tool again – you should see that it’s now up to date.

4 Scan and re­move

For ba­sic mal­ware in­fec­tions, click Mal­ware Scan. If you sus­pect that your PC has been in­fected by a rootkit, click Cus­tom Scan and tick ‘Use di­rect disk ac­cess’ be­fore click­ing Next. You can also per­form a cus­tom scan to root out po­ten­tially un­wanted pro­grams (PUPs) if you so wish.

5 Cre­ate bootable disc

If all else fails, cre­ate a Kasper­sky Res­cue Disk – down­load the ISO from https://sup­port.kasper­­cuedisk to a clean PC. Ei­ther right-click the ISO and choose ‘Burn im­age’ or use a tool, such as Ru­fus (https://ru­, to cre­ate bootable me­dia stored on a USB flash drive.

6 Boot and scan

Restart your PC from your boot me­dia – if your PC has a UEFI and it doesn’t work, you’ll need to go into your UEFI set­tings to make sure that com­pat­i­bil­ity mode is en­abled to sup­port the res­cue disk. Once loaded, let Kasper­sky Res­cue Disk scan and re­move any in­fec­tions, then re­boot your ma­chine.

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