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1 Which of th­ese is as­so­ci­ated with mu­sic? A. MIDI B. MAXI C. MUDDI 2 Which of th­ese is not an im­age for­mat? A. Por­ta­ble Net­work Graphic (PNG) B. Bitmap (BMP) C. Gary’s Im­age File (GIF) 3 What would you use to open an .rtf file? A. Im­age ed­i­tor B. Word pro­ces­sor C. Tin opener 4 What comes after a ter­abyte? A. Petabyte B. Gin­til­libyte C. Su­per­byte 5 What does a .mp4 file usu­ally con­tain? A. Text B. A virus C. Video 6 In which of th­ese files would you usu­ally find other files? A. ZIP B. RIP C. SNIP 6A. 5C. 4A. 3B. 2C. 1A. An­swers

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