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“Win­dows 10 can au­to­mat­i­cally back up up all the files on your PC us­ing a sys­tem called File His­tory. Here’s how to set it and for­get it – un­til you need it”

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Mi­crosoft has gone to great lengths to make sure your files are safe. One way you can have some peace of mind, is by us­ing File His­tory. This clever fea­ture can save changes made to files to an ex­ter­nal stor­age drive while you are us­ing your PC.

Win­dows’ File His­tory backs up all files found in C:\Users which means any doc­u­ments, pic­tures, videos there are safe. If you make a mis­take or a file be­comes dam­aged, you can re­store a pre­vi­ous ver­sion with a few clicks of your mouse.

In or­der to start us­ing File His­tory, you will need to con­nect an ex­ter­nal stor­age drive to your PC. Any model will do fine pro­vided it’s prop­erly for­mat­ted. Ide­ally, buy a brand new drive to use specif­i­cally for back­ing up, as this will en­sure noth­ing in­ter­feres with File His­tory. Your drive must re­main con­nected when­ever back­ups are run­ning.

NATE’S best tip! Save drive space: Choose ‘Un­til space is needed’ un­der ‘Keep my Back­ups’ for newer back­ups to re­place older ones.

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