Re­store ac­ci­den­tally deleted PC files with Re­cuva

Your guide Cat El­lis says… “If you’ve ac­ci­den­tally deleted a file, or lost data in a hard-drive crash, don’t panic – Re­cuva can help you get it back”

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There are many ways to free up ex­tra space on your PC’s stor­age drive, one of the first things is to hunt down any files you no longer need and delete them, then empty the Re­cy­cle Bin. But what if you re­alise you’ve deleted some­thing im­por­tant? If the Re­cy­cle Bin is empty, surely it’s gone for­ever?

Or what if your stor­age drive fails, tak­ing your pho­tos and videos with it, or you ac­ci­den­tally wipe a USB stick or mem­ory card? Is it gone for­ever?

When you delete a file from Win­dows, it isn’t fully re­moved from your stor­age drive straight­away. In­stead, the space it takes up is marked as ‘avail­able’, so it can be over­writ­ten by new files. Un­til that hap­pens, you can re­store it us­ing a free tool called Re­cuva. To avoid over­writ­ing any of that space, it’s best to in­stall Re­cuva now so you’re pre­pared in case of an emer­gency. Let’s find your files! Re­cover doc­u­ments, pho­tos, videos and more

Cat’s best tip! Be­cause there’s no guar­an­tee you’ll be able to re­store lost or deleted files, it ’s al­ways a good idea to make reg­u­lar back­ups of doc­u­ments, pho­tos, mu­sic and videos.

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