Start the in­stall process


Re­boot for me­dia

If you’re run­ning Win­dows 7, or have Fast Boot dis­abled, insert your boot me­dia and start your PC. Look for a ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’ op­tion (even if you’ve booted from a USB flash drive) – press the key and you should find the Win­dows in­stall process starts.

Tweak boot op­tions

If you boot back into Win­dows, restart your PC again, but this time press a key, such as [F11], when prompted to open a boot menu. Do so, se­lect your boot me­dia (choose UEFI if the op­tion ap­pears) to boot; other­wise, en­ter Setup to change the boot de­vice or­der.

Win­dows 8.1/10

If Fast Boot is en­abled, open Set­tings in Win­dows and nav­i­gate to ‘Up­date & re­cov­ery’ > Re­cov­ery, then click ‘Restart now’ un­der ‘Ad­vanced start-up’. When the boot op­tions ap­pear, choose ‘Use a de­vice’ to se­lect your USB flash drive or DVD from the list.

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