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Some­thing of a ris­ing star, Pot Player has earned it­self a ded­i­cated fol­low­ing, with users clearly ap­pre­ci­at­ing the great power hid­den in this de­cep­tively sim­ple-look­ing free video player.

A stripped-back, min­i­mal­ist look dis­guises the fact that this is an all-sing­ing, all-danc­ing free video player with codecs com­ing out of its ears so it can play any file you throw at it, in­clud­ing 3D for­mats. In the un­likely event that you try to play a file that’s not sup­ported, the nec­es­sary codec will be down­loaded for you.

There’s also the op­tion of down­load sub­ti­tles for video files. Sup­port for skins mean you can cus­tomise the look of the app to your lik­ing, and you have a great deal of con­trol over the look of videos, too. While lots of play­ers of­fer ba­sic con­trast and colour ad­just­ment, Pot Player has a huge range of op­tions, and there are even fancy ex­tras such as a screen record­ing tool. Se­ri­ously im­pres­sive stuff all round.

Sim­ple-look­ing, but de­cep­tively pow­er­ful, Pot Player is one to watch.

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