Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Anti-ageing Special -


BREAK­FAST: 200g fat-free Greek yo­gurt with 1 dried fig and 1 tbsp roasted sesame seeds. A slice of whole­grain toast with low-fat spread and 1 tsp honey (op­tional sweet­ness). LUNCH: Mix ½ tin drained lentils with 4 cherry toma­toes, ½ red cap­sicum and 1 sliced spring onion. Serve on spinach and driz­zle with bal­samic vine­gar. DIN­NER: Grilled salmon steak, driz­zled with 2 tsp chilli sauce, with 40g brown pasta mixed with chopped ve­g­ies and ½ tin of toma­toes.


BREAK­FAST: Tin of mack­erel on a slice of whole­grain toast with 4 mush­rooms sauteed in 1 tsp oil. Small glass of di­luted or­ange juice (op­tional sweet­ness). LUNCH: A shop-bought whole­grain sand­wich, un­der 1670kj. DIN­NER: Vege­tar­ian chilli, , with 40g brown rice anand veg­eta­bles.


BREAK­FAST: 2 slices w whole­grain b bread topped w with low-fat s soft cheese and s smoked salmon. LUNCH: 2 eggs scram­bled with spring onion and spinach. Serve with salad. DIN­NER: Pizza made from whole­meal baguette, split and topped with pas­sata, 1 slice of ham,m, chopped cap­sicum and 2 tbsp re­duced-fat grated ched­dar. Ba­kee un­til cheese has melted. Fruit sal­adad (op­tional sweet­ness).


BREAK­FAST: 200g fat-free Greek yo­gurt served with 80g berries, topped with 1 tbsp flaked al­monds or 1 tbsp low-sugar gra­nola (op­tional sweet­ness). LUNCH: Corn wrap with 100g roast chicken and let­tuce, with 1 tbsp fat-free Greek yo­gurt mixed with 1 tsp vine­gar and sea­son­ing. DIN­NER: 100g lean beef stir-fry strips, with a sa­chet of stir-fry sauce and a bag of stir-fry ve­g­ies. Serve with noo­dles.


BREAK­FAST: Smoothie made from 175ml skimmed milk, 1 tbsp oats, 80g berries, 1 beet­root, ½ banana. LUNCH: Len­til soup with 1 tbsp crum­bled feta, served with a whole­grain roll. DIN­NER: 150g fil­let of white fish with sweet potato wedges.


BREAK­FAST: Por­ridge with 40g oats and 125ml skimmed milk, topped with 2 tbsp stewed ap­ple, 1 tsp honey (op­tional sweet­ness) and 1 tbsp chopped wal­nuts. LUNCH: 175g baked potato with tuna, mixed with 1 tbsp sweet­corn, 1 tbsp low-fat mayo and pep­per. DIN­NER: 3 slices roast pork with 2 tbsp gravy, car­rots and cau­li­flower. 3 squares dark cho­co­late (op­tional sweet­ness).


BREAK­FAST: A poached egg on a bed of spinach sauteed in 1 tsp oil, on a slice of whole­grain toast, with a halved, grilled tomato. An or­ange. LUNCH: A small tin of low sugar and salt baked beans on a slice of whole­grain toast,t, served with a large green sal­add (no dress­ing). DIN­NER: Roast chicken breast with roasted Mediter­ranean veg­eta­bles and 40g brown rice. Serve with a mixed salad (no dress­ing).

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