Amanda De War­ren speaks to Jane’s cat Ger­ald

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AMANDA SAYS Ger­ald tells me he was aban­doned by his pre­vi­ous own­ers and got fe­line HIV a few years ago, al­though he’s still in very good shape. Jane’s fa­ther, who passed over quite a few years ago, comes through. He says he led Ger­ald to Jane as he knew she would look af­ter him.

Ger­ald has been with Jane and her hus­band for two years and is about seven years old. He wasn’t in good shape and thanks Jane for look­ing af­ter him so well. He’s afraid of black plas­tic bags – his pre­vi­ous own­ers tried to put him in one.

Jane’s dad loves an­i­mals and brings through a cat who has passed over called Leonard. He tells me he came with the house when they bought it, and thanks Jane for tak­ing him in and loving him. Her dad then brings other cats and three dogs. He also brings her mum, who has passed over, to say hello. Ger­ald tells me he’s very sweet­tem­pered mostly, but some­times gets his “evil face” on – es­pe­cially around food – and at­tacks Jane. How­ever he never at­tacks his dad, Jane’s hus­band, who he adores.

JANE SAYS Ger­ald was be­ing ag­gres­sive and I couldn’t un­der­stand why, so I turned to Amanda on a friend’s rec­om­men­da­tion. He’s a lot more con­tent and lovable now – he even sits with us more! I was also amazed Amanda con­nected with my fa­ther. It makes sense that Dad led my cats to me – he was al­ways an an­i­mal lover.

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