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1 Amy Schumer (pic­tured) stars with Michelle Wil­liams in which new com­edy film? 2 Beem­ster, Bryn­dza and Bur­rata are all va­ri­eties of what? 3 Which singer had the orig­i­nal hit with Big Yel­low Taxi? 4 In which modern-day coun­try are the ru­ins of the Tem­ple of Artemis at Eph­e­sus lo­cated? 5 In which is­land group do Hamil­ton, Hayman and Dent is­lands lie? 6 Which ac­claimed science fic­tion writer is cred­ited with de­vis­ing the Three Laws of Ro­bot­ics? 7 By what name is the thin layer of foam on top of a cup of espresso known? 8 Rus­sell Crowe (pic­tured) be­gan his ca­reer as a rock singer – un­der what name? 9 Eisop­tro­pho­bia is a ma­jor fear of what? 10 Which an­i­mal name is used to de­scribe a fall in the stock mar­ket: bear or bull?

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