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Woman’s Day (Australia) - - Psychics - an­swers your con­cerns

MITCHELL SAYS As I read your ques­tion, I feel your father plac­ing his hand on my shoul­der. He wants you to know he has al­ways been there by your side. He loves you very much and is your guardian an­gel. He’ll send feath­ers to you as a spe­cial sign. I feel the next six months are go­ing to bring many new be­gin­nings in your life. There will be a slight change of fo­cus with your work – but it will be a ben­e­fi­cial change. I feel you will meet a part­ner through a chance meet­ing. MITCHELL SAYS An older lady in the spirit world from your mother’s side is nurs­ing the soul of a baby boy wait­ing to be born. Up­stairs tells me that when the time is right, your son and daugh­ter will ill ful­fil their dream of be­com­ing par­ents to a healthy baby. A spe­cial guardian an­gel tells me your daugh­ter has a very blessed life path ahead of her. Up­stairs tells me you are also very loved, pro­tected and will have a lot of good to look for­ward to over the com­ing year.

I never knew my father. He passed away when I was 11 months old. Does he have any mes­sages for me? Where is my life head­ing re­gard­ing work and kids? Is there a fu­ture part­ner com­ing? Aries, via email My son and daugh­ter-in-law have been try­ing for a baby for the last three years. Can you see a healthy baby com­ing along? I also have a spe­cial needs daugh­ter. Will she find her way in life? Maria, via email

Happy news is on the way for Maria.

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