Pass the strawbs, please. A diet high in flavonoids (sources in­clude berries, green tea and dark choco­late) is linked with lower BMI and waist cir­cum­fer­ence, ac­cord­ing to a study of nearly 10,000 adults in Nu­tri­tion & Di­a­betes. Plus, giv­ing flavonoids wei

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Wine (down) time

It’s easy to jus­tify another glass of red with the vague no­tion it’s good for you. Some­thing to do with your heart, isn’t it? Hold fire: while the an­tiox­i­dant resver­a­trol – found in red wine – can im­prove ticker health, the World Can­cer Re­search Fund now says its ef­fects are not ac­tu­ally as ben­e­fi­cial as pre­vi­ously thought. Soz to be the bad-news bearer, but they’re far out­weighed by the can­cer risk posed by high al­co­hol con­sump­tion. D’oh. At least dark choc’s still good for you.

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