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Sprouted breads – made from whole grains that have been al­lowed to ‘sprout’ or ger­mi­nate – have moved from farm­ers’ mar­ket ob­scu­rity into su­per­mar­kets. They’re a good al­ter­na­tive to reg­u­lar bread, which doesn’t agree with every­one: the sprout­ing process is thought to break down cer­tain com­pounds within the grains, mak­ing the nu­tri­ents more eas­ily ab­sorbed. How does it com­pare to sour­dough? “Like any whole­grain bread, it’s a good source of fi­bre, pro­tein and vi­ta­mins,” says Swaney. “Sour­dough is made us­ing a bac­te­rial cul­ture to rise the bread rather than yeast, which gives a slightly acidic flavour and lowers its GI.”

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