Do each move for 45 secs fol­lowed by a 15-sec rest

Women's Health Australia - - BEST BODY -

1. Squat

(a) First, stand with your hands clasped to help stay bal­anced.

(b) Sit back un­til your thighs are par­al­lel with the floor. Pause, then drive up through your heels to the start­ing po­si­tion, squeez­ing those glutes. Re­peat. 2. Shad­ow­box­ing Re­peat punches

A to C as fast as you can. The ul­ti­mate way to work up a sweat!

3. Squat jump

(a) Lower into a deep squat with your knees track­ing over your toes, hands in front of you for bal­ance.

(b) Jump up, rais­ing your arms over­head, then land back in your squat. Re­peat.

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