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When WH calls them the orig­i­nal fit­ness power cou­ple, Michelle Bridges, 46, and Steve ‘Com­mando’ Willis, 41, laugh. There’s no dis­put­ing it, though: they’re two of the best-known faces in the biz, work­ing with the likes of Garmin, Wool­worths and Big W, not to men­tion Michelle’s suc­cess­ful 12WBT pro­gram.

“We’re blessed to have been in the in­dus­try for as long as we have,” says Michelle. “I was a con­trib­u­tor to Women’s

Health’s first edi­tion! It’s be­come so main­stream now for peo­ple to train and take care of them­selves, which is what I al­ways wanted. I love how much train­ing va­ri­ety there is now – pi­lates, Cross­fit, yoga hang­ing from a sheet from the ceil­ing!”

The cou­ple (par­ents to Axel, nearly two) men­tor younger train­ers – but how do they mo­ti­vate each other? “I try to keep things as sim­ple as pos­si­ble, then add de­tails within the sim­plic­ity,” says Steve. Michelle adds, “Steve will train at 8pm when it’s freez­ing, but he’ll get it done and that’s in­spir­ing. As a cou­ple, we al­ways try to be gen­tle with each other, too. It’s not easy, es­pe­cially when you’ve got kids and busi­nesses as well. You can some­times be harsh or cut and dry, but we just go, ‘Hang on, this is some­one I re­ally love’.”

Steve cred­its Michelle for help­ing him ad­just to be­ing in the pub­lic eye, while he’s helped her ap­pre­ci­ate be­ing in the mo­ment more. “I think Axel does that, too,” he re­flects. The pair laugh as they re­cap a play­ground trip: one of the kids (Steve has three older ones) sat on Steve’s back dur­ing pushups, which made Axel jeal­ous.

“So he’s get­ting ag­i­tated, and all you want to do is say, ‘Stuff it, let’s give up’ – but then it’s like, ‘No’. Even in the chaos, we can get caught up in the smaller pic­ture,” says Steve. “But to con­nect as hu­mans first is more im­por­tant than any­thing.”

And Michelle’s top well­ness tip? Know your­self. “The more I do that, the more I can make bet­ter choices,” she says. “From the kind of woman and mother I want to be to know­ing if I go to the ho­tel buf­fet, I’ll turn into Homer Simp­son, so

I’m bet­ter off or­der­ing to my room! Dif­fer­ent ends of the spec­trum, but both about know­ing who you are.”

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