Nutritionist Teresa Boyce (the­health­whis­perer.com.au) dishes her ad­vice on the three most-asked ques­tions about kilo-shed­ding.

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I’m con­fused – do I try pa­leo, detox­ing, quit­ting sugar or juice cleans­ing? Help!

Don’t get caught up in fad ap­proaches. Clear the con­fu­sion by tak­ing a step back and look­ing at a well­ness ap­proach that suits your body type, goals and life­style. A nutritionist or di­eti­tian can help you fig­ure this out. The truth is there’s no blan­ket ap­proach to weight loss.

I al­ways ace healthy eat­ing for a day or two, but then fall off the wagon. Why?

Peo­ple need ac­count­abil­ity and sup­port in reach­ing a goal. Whether you get these things from a nutritionist, an on­line sup­port group or a friend, lock­ing in reg­u­lar ses­sions will pro­vide you with vi­tal sup­port and en­cour­age­ment while keep­ing you on track.

How much should I eat to lose weight but also have the en­ergy to work out?

There’s a fine line be­tween eat­ing enough to sup­port en­ergy and mus­cle re­cov­ery, and eat­ing to also drop body fat. Ditch the kilo­joule counting and fo­cus on por­tion con­trol, whole foods, lots of veg­eta­bles, qual­ity pro­tein, healthy fats and mak­ing your own meals. Weight loss will be a by-prod­uct if you’re also burn­ing en­ergy at the gym.


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