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The step-bystep jour­ney from plant to Swisse supp

Step #1

The plant is har­vested. In va­le­rian’s case, it’s the roots that are needed – they’re home to the ac­tive com­pound valerenic acid.

Step #2

At a Span­ish fac­tory, globe ar­ti­chokes are boiled and the re­sult­ing water – or “juice” – is sent to Na­turex in France (a plant-based­in­gre­di­ents com­pany), where clever sci­en­tists care­fully ex­tract the ac­tive com­pound cy­narin. Sim­i­larly, after be­ing cleaned and dried, the Dutch va­le­rian roots are sent to Na­turex, which ex­tracts the valerenic acid.

Step #3

Lastly, Na­turex sup­plies Swisse with the ac­tive­com­pound in­gre­di­ents in pow­der form, which is then used to make the prod­ucts in Australia. Next stop? The fin­ished prod­uct, and a bot­tle near you!

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trav­elled to Europe as a guest of Swisse.

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