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“Bal­ance it on chakra points (your chest above the heart, on your throat and on the crown of your head), or put it un­der your pil­low so it ra­di­ates through while you’re sleep­ing,” sug­gests Knowles. Al­ter­na­tively, wear the stone in a neck­lace.

For pos­i­tive en­ergy in the home, give arag­o­nite pride of place in your liv­ing room, or if you have a meet­ing or pre­sen­ta­tion you’re ner­vous about, keep a piece of the stone in your pocket. No wor­ries. “Just hold­ing the stone is enough to act as a sooth­ing emo­tional pick-me-up,” says Knowles. If you’re after sweet dreams, place amethyst on your bed­side table. “It’ll bring peace to your sleep,” says Simmons.

Put a stone on your desk or next to your phone or com­puter to max­imise its ben­e­fits. Or put it by the door to halt neg­a­tiv­ity be­fore it has a chance to wipe its feet and come in­side. Sea­man and Knowles both rec­om­mend wear­ing the gem­stone, so you have its en­ergy di­rectly against your skin.

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