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A head-to-toe body scrub is best done the night be­fore. “Ex­fo­li­at­ing at night al­lows for a bet­ter pen­e­tra­tion of lo­tions ap­plied postscrub,” says En­dota Spa se­nior ed­u­ca­tor He­len Robb Lacey, adding that your skin nat­u­rally re­news it­self overnight. Use En­dota Spa or­gan­ics Su­gar & Sea Salt Spa in a Jar (6), $50, to in­crease cir­cu­la­tion and wake up smooth.

STEP 2: Mane prep

“My trick for a longer­last­ing style is to wash your hair the day be­fore,” says An­thony Nader, owner of Syd­ney salon Raw An­thony Nader. “Sec­ond-day hair is bet­ter as the nat­u­ral grit helps keep your style in shape.” To re­boot dry strands, ap­ply Kevin Mur­phy­pair (7), $49.95, to damp hair.



Shave your legs et al be­fore bed. “This gives the clos­est and smoothest re­sult,” says Robb Lacey. “As we sleep, body parts like our legs be­come warm and swell slightly, so by the morn­ing the hairs don’t stick out as much and are harder to get with the ra­zor.” Nix ir­ri­ta­tion by reach­ing for a ra­zor with a pro­tec­tive moisturising bar, like Gil­lette Venus Com­fort­glide with Olay Su­gar­berry (8), $15.49.

STEP 4: Mois­turise

“Al­ways mois­turise when your skin is still damp,” says Robb Lacey. Why? It helps the prod­uct bet­ter ab­sorb into skin. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Sheer Hy­dra­tion Lo­tion (9), $12.99, con­tains nat­u­rally ac­tive col­loidal oat­meal to soothe while it hy­drates. Win­ner, win­ner.

De­spite be­ing in your di­ary for weeks, race day’s now to­mor­row and you’ve done zero pre-event groom­ing. Shit. Don’t stress – ap­prox 12 hours’ no­tice is all you need. 10 6 8 7 9 13

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