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So after all that, you’re still not keen on get­ting your hair wet? Fine – you can get a great water­side work­out with­out dip­ping your head be­neath the sur­face. This rou­tine, by life­guard Tayla Faul­mann, uses the sand you’re lying on as a re­sis­tance tool... along with the wa­ter – but only waist-deep, we prom­ise! “There’s a number of biome­chan­i­cal and phys­i­o­log­i­cal ben­e­fits to ex­er­cis­ing bare­foot on sand,” ex­plains Faul­mann. “You’ll be train­ing your calf and foot mus­cles, with re­duced im­pact on your joints, plus you’ll burn around 30 per cent more kilo­joules when com­pared to road run­ning.” Per­form this work­out when­ever you can – warm up with a 500m jog on the sand, then get sweat­ing. Each group com­prises two ex­er­cises that must be done back-to-back. Once you’ve done both ex­er­cises, that’s one set. Do four sets of each group.

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